Blaze® Cut Diamonds – Unmatched Engagement Rings, Wedding Bands


A pair of rings circumscribes the glorious ritual of marriage; the engagement ring that declares two souls become one, and the wedding ring that commemorates the ceremony of those vows. Bez Ambar designer jewelry has been the premier resource for creating a wedding ring that best reflects unique taste as well as the time-honored tradition. The team at Bez Ambar alleviate the decision-making process frequently overwhelming even the wedding planners. Each individualized process begins with the selection of the diamond. Many brides have already decided on a cut and size, but for those unsure, do not hesitate. The company’s innovative design process sets diamonds in many traditional and invisible settings, all granting complete reflection of light through the diamond.

Eclipse Ring-Blaze Shank

Blaze® is a masterpiece of modern design, which marks a dramatic departure from traditional diamond cutting. In order to highlight a diamond’s ability to bend and refract light, Bez designed a cut with fewer, larger facets. Bigger facets result in more fire! The Blaze cut has only 13 main facets while most cuts have over 50. This allows the Blaze cuts to produce bursts of vivid color and fire many more times than any other diamond cut.


Couples are strongly advised to think long term when choosing wedding and engagement rings. The diamond will certainly last a lifetime and should only reflect the taste and personality of the wearer. To better serve their custom design clientele, Bez Ambar creates hand drawn sketches in order to accurately and uniquely create a one of a kind ring.


Both engagement rings and wedding bands are generally selected together. Bez designs wedding bands to match every engagement ring, including men’s wedding bands. When selecting, couples are advised to consider overall design, value, workmanship and general comfort. A band should complement the engagement ring and other jewelry.


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