What I Wish Consumers Knew About Buying Designer Jewelry

Custom Cathedral Engagement Ring Design for Ovals Blaze and Pave Diamonds



Why should you purchase a Bez Ambar custom design?

• Bez Ambar rings are not mass produced on an assembly line; they are handmade by talented people.
• We offer free design consultation. With our 35 years of expertise, you will get the most professional advice.
• Your ring will be an original, authentic ring inspired by who you are and brought to life by the designer’s imagination.
• You have the opportunity to choose from our unique patented diamond cuts that inspire and form the Bez Ambar look.
• You will become an active participant in the design process: reviewing preliminary sketches, approving 3D CAD files, and trying on a silver sample of your ring before production begins.
• We provide a highly individualized buying experience with superb customer service.
• You will receive the rare opportunity to work one on one with a highly skilled designer that is capable of creating your dream ring within your desired budget.

The best-kept secret in the jewelry industry is that since we are cutting our stones and manufacturing our rings,buying a Bez Ambar original will not cost you more than buying a generic nonexclusive ring.


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