What is an Asscher Cut Diamond

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what is an asscher cut diamond

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The true beauty of a diamond is revealed when it rests on the well-manicured finger of a lovely woman or on the well-shaped neck of a beautiful lady. The shape of the diamond ring or the settings on a necklace varies with the cut of the stone, and in this article, we will be discussing one of the most popular cuts in diamond, the Asscher Cut. This brings us to the question - "What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?"

Asscher Cut Diamonds emerged to become an integral part of antique jewelry. They were designed and created by the Asscher Brothers of Holland's Asscher Diamond Company in 1902, hence the name. The Asscher brothers were at the time famous for cutting the world's largest stone, the Cullinan stone, weighing in at 3,106 carats.

With an interest in engagement rings, Asscher soared in popularity once again in the early 2000s. So after about a period of about a hundred years, the Asscher engagement rings are in huge demand, and they are now available on the market with more brilliance, and with more precision in their cuts. The original Asscher stone had a distinctive cut that lent a dramatic look to them, and women loved them as engagement rings.

Evaluating the shape, color, and clarity of the Asscher Cut Diamond

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Shape and Cut

The classic diamond has a length to width ratio of 1:1, but this might vary to 1:1.05, 1:1.08, or even 1:1.10. There might even be ratios of less than 1:1.05 available on the market, but the human eye is known to make adjustments and give the appearance of a 'square.' While browsing through Asscher cut engagement rings, make sure that you’re aware of the precise measurements.

The latest varieties of the Asscher cut diamond look uncannily similar to the square emerald cut, accompanied by a higher crown, smaller table, and more significant-step facets. To know whether your diamond is well-cut and well-positioned, you need to look for concentric squares when looking down through the table. This positioning presents the dazzling brilliance in your Asscher cut diamond ring.


When it comes to the color of engagement ring cuts, Asscher is subjective. Some people prefer the slightly warm colors of the G-H diamond, while some love the cool colorlessness of a D-F diamond. Moreover, they would be willing to pay a premium price for them, but the price would, of course, be dependent on the supply and demand chain. 

Additionally, the Asscher diamond rings are cut for their radiance and clarity, and nothing is hidden. You can also choose the H Color, or even a G if you are looking for incremental whiteness in your ring.

what is an asscher cut diamond - krupp

One of the first Asscher cut rings is the 33.19 carat Krupp Diamond bought by Richard Burton and worn by Elizabeth Taylor. Believed to be of exceptional quality, the Krupp Diamond was then estimated to have cost $307,000.

The dimensions may vary from stone to stone, but the grace of the cut and its uniqueness remains the same till this day. Having an Asscher diamond ring in your possession would be priceless because it is such a valuable vintage jewelry piece.

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