Amethyst Engagement Rings



Amethyst engagement rings are known to bring peace to the marriage; after all, the amethyst is known to be the gem of peace. A deep purple color that was well-known as the color of royalty and historically amethyst rings were worn by Royalty and high ranking church officials.


The most important element of the amethyst is the shade of the purple and
the color of the flashes. Medium purple with flashes of pink is the most desirable.


Amethyst is found in Brazil, Uruguay and Africa.


Bez Ambar loves utilizing the Amethyst as a center stone, but also adores implementing it as an accent stone setting it on the shank or as aframe around a white diamond center.

All of Bez Ambar’s engagement rings can be modified in one way or another to be used with either a center amethyst or an accent stone amethyst in combination with diamonds.


Bez Ambar loves to work with this stone and will be happy to customize or design a uniquely styled amethyst engagement ring, wedding band or both. Please browse our engagement ring collection


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Heart shape Silvet Amethyst -1SLV4LZAM-HS

purple-Oasis amethyst engagement rings

Frame of Light Engagement Ring with Amathyst Bookend Bands