• 1979


    Bez Ambar founded Ambar Diamond.


  • 1982

    1982 - QUADRILLION™

    Under the trademark Quadrillion, Bez Ambar created the modern square shaped princess cut diamond. It became one the most innovative and widely used gemstone cuts of the 21st century.

  • 1985
    Bez Ambar De- Beers Award Winning ATW Ring One Row Channel Setting


    Bez Ambar’s “ATW” ring was recognized with prestigious DeBeers Award and the defined the pinnacle of metal and diamond working for an era. The ring became one of the most popular rings of the 80s and 90s.

  • 1988


    Bez Ambar created the first piece of prong-less and border-less diamond jewelry coined, the invisible setting. As square shape diamonds grew in popularity Bez Ambar realized that the greatest advantage of square shape diamonds lie in their ability to sit flush against one another, crating the the illusion of an unbroken brilliance. With this in mind he set out to find a method to invisibly set diamonds.

  • 1992


    Bez Ambar invented and patented the “Boundless” setting. The “Boundless” setting allowed for invisibly set round diamonds. Using a technique similar to his invisible setting for square stones, Bez was able to omit the prongs or rims used to set round stones.

  • 1999
    Micro-Pave Heart Shaped Diamond Pendants

    1999 - MICRO-PAVÉ

    Bez Ambar revolutionized the jewelry design industry by using nearly microscopic stones in his pavé settings, utilizing a microscope to be extremely precise. This is known today as the Micro-Pavé setting. This style of setting makes it possible graft thousands of tiny stones on one piece.

  • 2003
    Bez Ambar Blaze Cut Diamond

    2003 - BLAZE® CUT

    Bez Ambar unveils the Blaze® cut. The most distinctive feature of this new cut are the burst of colors it produces through its 9 crown (top) facets. The Blaze cut is a square cut diamond with 13 facets; 9 crown facets and 4 pavilion. There are 3 properties in a diamond that make it one of the most highly sought after gemstones; brilliance, scintillation, and dispersion, otherwise known as fire. Bez designed the Blaze cut to maximize a diamond’s dispersion. Bez Ambar believes that the most beautiful property of a diamond is its ability diffuse white light into the multitude of colors that make up the visible spectrum. The larger facets of the Blaze® cut create a greater opportunity for the light to be broken up and therefore disperses a fire 10 times larger than any other cut of the same size.

  • 2015

    2015 - DIVINE® CUT

    The Divine® Cut is Bez Ambar’s latest creation. Like his previous cut, Ambar was awarded an international design patent, for the Divine® cut. After his previous accomplishments in square diamond cuts, Bez shifted his attention to round cuts with the aspiration to recreate the fire and beauty of a Blaze Cut in a round shape. The traditional round brilliant cut has 58 facets, while the divine cut has only 46, 22 crown facets and 24 lower pavilion facets. With this decrease of facets on the crown comes an increase in the size of Fire.