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Attention To Detail, Drawing by Bez Ambar

Engagement rings begin to occupy your mind as you embark on the next chapter of your life. Congratulations on your new and exciting journey!

Buying an engagement ring is an important event that can be difficult and very stressful if this is your first time through the process.


This post is targeted to ease a few worries and clarify frequent questions about diamonds and jewelry.


As engagement rings and other designer jewelry are symbols of your commitment and represent a lasting bond, it is understandable that you will be looking for unique creations and customized engagement rings and wedding bands.!


From the classic diamond solitaire to modern ring designs utilizing new innovative and exclusive diamond cuts, Bez Ambar and his expert diamond setters will create an engagement ring that will be the perfect expression of your love and commitment.


Selecting Diamonds for Your Engagement Ring


What kind of diamond is right for you? The right diamond depends on your values and personal taste but it also needs to fit into your allocated budget.



Diamond Education Page

Four elements determine a diamonds quality: Color, Clarity, Cut and Size. The relationship between these four elements will determine the value of a stone.


Diamonds containing little or no color receive the highest quality grades in regards to Color. The most affordable diamonds contain more noticeable color.


A diamond’s clarity is graded by inclusions and imperfections. Nearly every diamond has natural inclusions due to the nature of its creation. Many of the inclusions are microscopic and do not take away from the diamond’s beauty.

Diamond size is determined by the carat weight. The smaller the finger of the wearer, the larger the diamond appears. For example, a 2 carat diamond looks much larger on a size 4 finger than a size 9.

A diamond’s cut is an important grading factor. Shallow, Ideal and Deep are the three generalized terms when referring to cuts. You want the ideal depth, not too shallow or deeply cut to lose light from the bottom or sides.


Avoid any color grade below H (too yellow) or any cut grade below Very Good (not enough sparkle). We’d choose a better cut and clearer color over more carats, but if she’s expecting a boulder, your choice is made for you.

Go Beyond the White Diamond


These days it’s cool to put some color on her ring finger; black diamonds, yellow diamonds, emeralds and sapphires are all fair game as center or accent stones.


Selecting Gemstones for Accents or Center Stones


The beautiful color of a gemstone is its most defining characteristic, and it gives the first impression to the onlooker. When deciding upon gemstone color, examine hue, tone, and saturation.


The most valuable gemstones are those that exhibit a pure color with depth to it that is free of gray or brown hues that make the stone look muddy.


Finest Engagement Rings and Diamond Jewelry


With a better understanding of what to look for in a diamond, you can search the web for a perfect diamond matching your needs and budget.


If you find a center stone right for you, then contact Bez Ambar to speak with a consultant that will help you choose the perfect mounting for your particular center diamond or gemstone.


You will be able to choose from the many beautiful designs currently available, or have Bez Ambar create a fully customized design especially for you and your loved one.


If you are unable to decide on a center stone a Bez Ambar specialist will be happy to find a center stone for you


A one of a kind Bez Ambar engagement ring gives you exclusivity and unparalleled confidence from endless questions and comments like:

“My goodness, where did you get that from?!” to which you can reply, “It was created just for me; don’t you love it!”