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Bez Ambar’s Quadrillion Bracelets

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A single piece of designer jewelry is a statement of style. Stacked or worn in multiples, bracelets become increasingly dazzling. Paved with truly unique diamonds, Bez Ambar’s Quadrillion Cut is better known today as the revered Princess Cut Diamond; an innovation that changed the world over 30 years ago. Worn day or night, all diamond bracelet designs are available in 18k yellow, white or rose gold, each with their own share of glamour and luxury.


Bez Ambar has consistently redefined jewelry and diamond cutting since founding Ambar Diamonds in 1979. Bez is a talented designer and gifted artist; unlike most jewelry manufacturers, each of his designs are objects of breathtaking beauty, stunning works of art created from the finest materials available. Every custom bracelet design is flawlessly crafted, somehow contemporary yet traditional, or bold and subtle, the striking yet balanced designs are incomparable.


Are your eyes set on the Diamond Tennis Bracelets image on the right? These Quadrillion Diamonds on flexible linear bracelets are available with up to 10 rows of diamonds and are truly show-stoppers. View more bracelet styles, learn additional background on Bez Ambar Inc, or get started on your simple or extravagant custom bracelet!