Bridal Ring Sets – Best Diamond Wedding Ring Sets


catalog 2009-3

Stunning bridal ring sets and unique diamond cuts result in some of the most vibrant, reflective diamond rings in the world. From the inventor of the Princess Cut diamond, Bez Ambar wedding ring sets unite luxury with unmatched craftsmanship, resulting in remarkable and jaw dropping ring sets. One of a kind, this phrase truly reflects the bridal ring experience at Bez Ambar Inc.


Whether your engagement rings will be made of Gold, Silver or Platinum, each ring should compliment other jewelry but also be gorgeous and eye catching itself. Bez Ambar founded Bez Ambar Inc with a commitment to innovation and quality. After repeatedly changing the diamond industry with new innovative cuts and diamond settings, Bez Ambar has become one of the most respected designer diamond jewelers in the world.


For over 30 years, Bez Ambar designed and fabricated some of the most expensive and praised diamond rings. Please watch the video below for a glimpse into the amount of artistry and craftsmanship it takes to manufacture a Bez Ambar bridal design .


Bez Ambar Process