How to buy an Engagement Ring? Smallest to Largest Wedding Budgets


Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

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How much should I spend? Where do I go? What type of diamond cut is best? Is there such a thing as spending too much? The questions come in waves; we do our best to answer email questions promptly, and address general customer concerns on the Bez Ambar blog daily. We feel it is helpful and vital to educate our interested brides and husbands to be before purchasing their wedding and engagement rings.


With a multitude of jewelers in the Los Angeles area alone, it can be overwhelming just thinking about where to go to begin the search. Many honest people are unaware about diamond grading and behave under a misconception that the diamonds and rings they purchase from franchise jewelers are actually of superb quality, sold at a great bargain.


The fact of the matter is, in an effort to cut costs, many of these businesses purchase lower grade diamonds in order to hit the lower price-points. There is that and using quick diamond setting techniques to mass produce designs and save money on time. Sadly, a lot of hard-working and honest people find themselves believing they’ve made a lasting investment until the ring is appraised and the harsh truth reveals itself. So how do you buy an engagement ring? Let’s start with the diamond’s cut.




Do you prefer the original round diamond? Are you a raving fan of the modern square, trademark name Quadrillion, Princess Cut that Bez Ambar invented over 30 years ago? Heart Shapes, Emeralds, Oval, Pear, and many other popular cuts are utilized in customer designed engagement rings. Many of our brides to be have carefully committed to a certain stone. Be it family heirloom, tradition or simply their personal preference, each diamond cut can be set in most of our ring designs. For unsurpassed diamond reflection, Bez Ambar’s innovative Blaze cut diamonds utilize less facets, only 13 compared to the 50 found in traditional cuts. This dramatic change in diamond cutting first debuted in 2003, and resulted in a trump over designer jewelers fearful of breaking the norm, or innovating to become a world-class designer jeweler like Bez Ambar.





There are various ways diamonds can be set. The most traditional method is to use prongs to secure the stone, but another popular method of setting a stone is with a bezel. Bezel settings utilize metal that encircles a diamond. As a custom ring manufacturer and a passionate artist, Bez loves to set diamonds stone to stone, with unique artisanship, whereas most other companies steer clear of complicated and invisible setting techniques. The team at Bez Ambar create 3D renderings of the custom rings they design then manufacture for clientele. The more detailed rings usually start with hand-drawn sketches produced by Bez himself.


Ultimately, if your budget is set at under a few hundred dollars, your best bet may be at an established retailer local to you, as many of these jewelry stores carry lower grade diamonds and rings at inexpensive prices in stock. Most of the mall and independent jewelry stores also offer financing, so that may be a deciding factor. If quality, craftsmanship, and a truly personalized wedding and engagement ring experience is part of your dream wedding, then you have to look no further than the skilled and professional ring designers at Bez Ambar Inc in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. The video below will give you a first hand look at the ring manufacturing and design process at Bez Ambar, from drawing to 3D and lastly your real life dream wedding ring. Artistic values change per ring, unlike all mass produced jewelry, each Bez Ambar ring is custom made with unique designs, multiple and individual diamond cuts, resulting in brilliant one of a kind works of art.