Comparison Video of The Blaze Cut Diamond vs Other Cuts


Watch comparison between blaze and other cuts at:

The Blaze cut has 10 times more color dispersion than any other diamond. It maximizes a diamond’s natural fire on every facet.


From the inventor of the Princess cut and the Quadrillion cut comes a dramatic departure from traditional notions of a diamond’s visual properties: fire, scintillation, and brilliance.


Fire is the flashes of color, scintillation is the play between black and white, and brilliance is the brightness. While other cuts have focused on scintillation and brilliance, Bez Ambar realized that prismatic fire is what gives a diamond its true life.


The most different quality of a diamond is how it breaks the light, so to highlight this he designed a cut with fewer, larger facets. Bigger facets result in more fire. Correct angles keep the stone white and brilliant.


A flash of fire can only be as big as the facet that creates it. The Blaze cut has only 13 main facets, while most cuts have over 50 facets. This means the Blaze cut produces bursts of vivid colors five times larger than any other diamond cut.

In this example, the blaze cut is invisibly set one stone next to the other without showing any metal in between. We set all three pieces with same size stones. The Blaze cut is in the middle while the round is on the left and the Princess cut is on the right.

We placed all three pieces in front of the same white LED light source, which imitates natural sun light. We moved the light source from left to right on the three pieces to emulate their movement when someone is wearing them .

As you can see, the vivid color flashes that burst out of the blaze piece in the center are incomparable to the round piece on its left or the Princess cut piece on its right.

These following examples show over and over, how the Blaze is so superior to the other cuts. This is a real comparison, not enhanced in any way. We engorged you to visit a Blaze authorized dealer and see it with your own eyes.

Blaze emphasizes the most beautiful quality of a diamond and its unique ability to produce a rainbow of pure and vivid colors. No other gem stone can imitate this quality. No other diamond cut can surpass the Blaze cut in its ability to produce the prismatic fire, the natural beauty of a diamond.