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Jewelry stores beverly hills

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For over thirty years, Bez Ambar is continuously creating award-winning high quality and creative jewelry designs for men and women.


Bez Ambar is admired for his artistic ability, his commitment to excellence, and for always choosing quality over quantity.


Jewelry stores beverly hills

Three Stone Ring With Princess Cut and Blaze. Black and White Bookend Ring Enhancers.

The studio is located in downtown Los Angeles  and is also represented in Beverly Hills jewelry stores.


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We specialize in custom one of a kind designs so you are welcome to contact us and work personally with Bez Ambar on custom designing your ring to fit your dream and beyond.


The design process always begins with a few hand drawn sketches by Bez. This individualized process caters to the varied needs and budget of the client, ensuring an intimate and personal experience.


The great advantage of buying a custom design is that you become a part of the creative effort. You experience a collaborative process in which you work hands on with the designer to create a one of a kind ring.


Buying a piece of jewelry is an emotional and monetary investment. If you are an active part of the creative process it produces stronger and more meaningful memories that stay with you forever.


Bez Ambar

611 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 607
Los Angeles, CA 90017