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Most that watched the movie Titanic remember Rose’s gorgeous Heart of the Ocean Necklace Pendant. This fictional blue diamond necklace was used and first implemented to create the dramatic break in their relationship, albeit through a makeshift theft, but led to Asprey & Garrard Limited the company who manufactured the prop, being commissioned to create an authentic Heart of the Ocean Necklace, which later sold at auction for $16 million dollars.



Finest Diamond Necklace, Stunning Pendant Designs

The pendant has long been a human’s method of displaying prized possessions, symbolizing power and status; from Egyptian rulers and Nobility using the scarab beetle as a pendant, to winning 1st place and earning a gold pendant or by giving your loved one a valuable gift to rave over forever, it’s sure to bring repeated excitement, joy and romance over your lifetime.


As a gifted artist, Bez Ambar’s unique designs include a multitude of creative time invested into hand drawing and then digitally rendering your ideas. Working first hand over the phone and web with client’s outside of California, or directly with the consultants at Bez Ambar Inc in Los Angeles ensures a one of a kind pendant, and truly vivid diamond necklaces are created for his clientele’s loved ones. If local to Los Angeles, you’re able to visit the manufacturer and see the unmatched level of craftsmanship held against each piece of jewelry created by the revolutionary, Bez Ambar.


The innovative and recently designed Matrix Pendant with superb Blaze Cut Diamonds, another of Bez Ambar’s many notable accomplishments that changed diamond cutting history, is available at entry level prices, and as with every piece of Bez Ambar jewelry, can also be made one-off; ensuring a truly unique and designer jewelry piece, backed by an exclusive Bez Ambar Warranty, made of the highest quality metals, gemstones and diamonds.


Learn more about diamond grading, finding a ring size, peruse some of Bez’s stunning necklace and pendant designs, find a store nearest you, or contact them now!


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