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1852 Gold Dollar

1852 Gold Dollar

Since ancient times, cultures have created and customized using valuable materials like gold, silver and ruby. Gold is a precious metal that has been utilized since antiquity in the production of jewelry, coins, sculptures, and even as decoration for buildings. The combination of its beauty, consistent use, flexibility and rarity have resulted in incredibly high premiums for gold in today’s market.


Historically, gold jewellery was worn by both genders. In the ancient Sumer civilization gold was used as early as 2500 BCE. In South America, gold was utilized by the Chavin civilization of Peru around 1200 BCE in gold casting and was ultimately perfected by their Nazca society in 500 BCE. The Roman people also used gold as the setting for precious and semi-precious gemstones, a revered fashion that continued through the Byzantine era with the use of pearls and gems that is still popular to this day.


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Pink Sapphire Bookend Band – Rose Gold

Concerns over the authenticity of gold led the Egyptian civilization to devise an innovative and consistent method to determine the purity of gold in around 1500 BCE. Fire assaying involves taking a small sample of the questioned gold material and then firing it in a crucible with minimal lead. The crucible was made of bone ash and immediately absorbed the lead and any other base metals during the firing process, leaving only the unadulterated gold and silver. The silver was later removed using nitric acid, and the remaining pure gold was then weighed and compared to the initial weight. This process seems complex but as with many human innovations and accomplishments, the goal at hand was focused on, and a few step process kept the industry legitimate.


For centuries various attempts were made to produce gold through alchemy, but attempts to duplicate nature’s creation were unsuccessful. The first attempts at gold manufacturing were made in China in the 4th century BCE. Ancient Greece also tried to produce gold at a similar time, and although not successful, the passionate work laid the foundations of modern chemistry.


Today, gold in the US is still the standard against paper money, showing just how valuable the precious material is. Quite simply, a gold standard is a monetary system in where the standard economic unit of account is based on a fixed quantity of gold. If the founders of the United States can trust in a gold standard, you can trust in Bez Ambar’s impeccable gold jewelry.


A lover of gold, diamonds and gemstones, designer Bez Ambar, an artist and inventor of the modern princess cut diamond, loves working with clientele to create custom jewelry unmatched in artistic distinction, made of precious gold, silver or platinum with diamonds or gemstones of the highest graded quality, backed by an exclusive warranty from the best designer jewelry manufacturer in Los Angeles, CA.


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