Custom Rings – Master Craftsman Create Your Dream Wedding Ring


No local store will ever carry the perfect ring for you. Your dream wedding ring is not sitting on any shelf, it’s awaiting unique creation; the exact size, color and cut is perfect when you work first hand with the Princess Cut inventor, top designer diamond ring artisan Bez Ambar. Each of his unique designs is born of a hand-drawn sketch produced and signed by Bez himself. Only the freedom of drawing by hand allows for free-form exploration of the potential that is inherent in every stone. The artist’s touch flows freely though the pen as each design springs to life, responding to customer’s desires and inspired by the natural beauty of the requested stone.


Bez Ambar Inc (previously: Ambar Diamonds) is a jewelry design wholesale manufacturing company based in Los Angeles, California creating some of the most stunning custom rings. It was founded by Bez Ambar in 1980 with a commitment to innovation, unique artistry and uncompromised quality of workmanship. This corporate belief has placed the company at the forefront of traditional and fashion diamond jewelry. The company is engaged in rough diamond trading, cutting, and polishing to fit the specific requirements of each design. Bez Ambar’s innovations include new and unique diamond cuts like the Princess, Blaze and the development of advanced setting techniques such as the Invisible setting, the Boundless and the Micro-Pave.


All Bez Ambar designer jewelry is held to the highest standards in fine jewelry. Although we have many authorized retailers across the US and Canada, each of our custom wedding rings is usually processed through Bez Ambar Inc directly, ensuring a truly distinctive bridal experience. Bez and his entire design team create lifelike digital renderings of his client’s ideas, seemingly impossible wedding bands come to life before your eyes.



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