Design Your Own Diamond Ring – Wedding, Engagement, Fine Jewelry



Have you spent countless days and nights online or tirelessly driving from store to store in search of your wedding or engagement ring but found nothing unique that delightfully and without a doubt is the perfect ring design for you?! With so many innovative diamond cuts, unique color combinations, and a fully custom ring design experience, there are truly endless capabilities when it comes to designing your own diamond ring with the master craftsman at Bez Ambar.



Designing The Perfect Diamond Ring

Crossover White over Black BandFrame of Light  Engagement Ring with Amathyst  Bookend Bands

Bez Ambar designs unite handcrafted quality with groundbreaking technology and world renowned aesthetics. Their custom diamond ring experience is unmatched; with a creative artistic background, Bez and team produce intricately detailed, elegantly refined styles all handmade in Downtown Los Angeles. Bez Ambar’s custom rings are reminiscent of priceless and timeless heirlooms cherished through generations. With so many stunning and exclusive diamond cuts, his innovative Blaze Diamonds are also available in MicroBlaze, can be invisibly set edge to edge creating an incredible distinctive and eye-catching effect. Move away from general stock, what is trendy today is usually a fad in the near future. Take an invigorating look at our diamond education page, view some of Bez’s already developed although unique and innovative engagement rings, or give them a call now to begin fabricating your dream diamond ring today.