Why Should You Buy A Designer Diamond Engagement Ring?

What is a Designer Diamond Enghagement Ring ?

Lucent Band -Wide-Diamond-Band-with-Large-Blaze-Diamonds-


Large Sapphire Center Custom Ring

Sapphire center custom ring for special order- Bez Ambar
Hand Drawing of custom designed ring by Bez Ambar

Heaven Ring-Emerald-Cut-Diamond-Engagement -Ring-Blaze -Pave-

Emerald-Cut-Diamond-Engagement -Ring-Blaze -Pave-Heaven-Bez Ambar

What is a Designer Diamond Engagement Ring?


What does a Designer Diamond Engagement Ring mean? How can you distinguish between a designer’s ring and a mass-produced one?.

The obvious answer is the price. If a designer engagement ring is inherently  more expensive what makes it more desirable in spite the higher cost?

The notion that shopping for quality is cheaper in the long run than shopping for the lowest price is well known.

At Bez Ambar we truly believe it is the truth.

This is what Jeffrey Badler, owner of a New York city fine jewelry store, had to say about Bez Ambar:

Bez Ambar is the most important diamond jewelry designer of our time. During the past 30 years, he has revolutionized the industry by inventing two new cuts of diamonds and creating new ways to set them. His Quadrillion, a square shape as brilliant as a round diamond, was the original princess cut stone. Bez Ambar invented an invisible setting to take advantage of the clean edges of his new diamond and was also the first designer to perfect micro-pavé setting. His newest diamond cut, the Blaze, is further proof of his genius. Bez Ambar jewelry is a true luxury.                                                                       Maurice Badler

A true designer is someone who does not consider designing a job. For him/her designing is a passion, a need.

He/She eats, breathes and sleeps his designs. They come out of a need to express himself and share his/her vision with the world.

A true designer creates products that are: unique, new, original, innovative and produced with the highest quality of craftsmanship.

A true designer takes pride in his/her designs and stands full-hearted behind his product. He gets inspired by many things in his world, but he will never copy other people’s work

A Designer Ring is a ring that expresses the unique spirit, individual talents, and abilities of the person that create it.


Bez Ambar embodies all the qualities of a true designer and for that reason more and more customers of popular designer jewelry brands like Tacori, Verragio, and A Jaffe, are embracing the Bez Ambar brand with their most recent purchases.


Bez Ambar studio is located in downtown Los Angeles Ca. If you are from the area you are welcome to call us at 213 629-9191 us and set up an appointment.

If you are from anywhere else in the united states you can click on the link to find a retailer near you.


Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Hand Drawing of Custom Design Engagement Ring-Bez Ambar

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Three Stone Oval Engagement Ring Blaze Frame-Bez Ambar Hand Drawing

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring


Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring

two tone engagement ring-of-fire-for round center with blaze halo

Designer Diamond Engagement Ring


The pictures on this page are examples of freehand drawings by Bez Ambar. To view more designs,  click on the Bez Ambar Hand Drawing page.