Designer Diamond Engagement Rings


Designer Diamond Engagement Rings



Best Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

Bez Ambar’s designer diamond engagement rings combine handcrafted quality with innovative technology and world renowned beauty. His beautiful collection of designer engagement rings feature a range of intricately detailed and elegantly refined styles each handmade in their Los Angeles headquarters.


Unmatched in artistic ability, Bez Ambar’s custom rings and fine jewelry remind owners of priceless heirlooms cherished and saved through the generations. Exclusive diamond cuts, powerful rendering software and new manufacturing technology help the entire design team at Bez Ambar surpass other jewelry designers in quality and design creativity.


Having creating countless unique and life-changing items, many of Bez’s clients have shown different tastes and needs, pushing his creativity to the foremost level.


Premier Designer Engagement Rings


The image of the Princess cut diamond engagement ring design on the right is undeniably striking. The Frame of Light™ showcases a 5 carat Princess cut center, with a dramatic arrangement of black and white Blaze® diamonds halo, and a striking shank of black Blaze diamonds. This designer engagement ring reflects pure sophistication.


From the initial phone call, through the exciting and exceptional design process until delivery, the entire team at Bez Ambar Inc focuses on all explicit requests, ensuring no compromise in quality, and a timely completion.


The finest engagement and wedding rings often require additional lead time, as days and weeks have been utilized locating the perfect diamonds or featured gemstone.


Don’t hesitate and create the perfect diamond ring for your loved one. For complete inventory, or to embark on the completely unique design experience, please contact them at 1-800-223-3374 today!