Designer Engagement Rings


With so many names in fine jewelry and thousands of gorgeous rings online to add to the confusion, it can be very overwhelming when deciding on quality wedding bands and or engagement rings. One thing is certain; designer jewelry should showcase the designer’s craftsmanship and level of innovation. Exclusive custom jewelry embodies client’s distinctive input, and no two are alike, at least that is the strategy behind Bez Ambar‘s designer engagement rings. Bez is a true artist that invests time with each and every husband, wife or couple to select the perfect stone size, cut and color that best reflects their inner ideals, meanwhile ensuring their rings retain value over the generations.


If a stunning engagement ring unlike anything you’ve seen is your desire, then you must work directly with Princess Cut inventor, master artisan Bez Ambar. As an established, respected designer and passionate artist, Bez has created unmatched jewelry and is eager to create the rings of your dreams.

From the un-enhanced Blaze diamonds video above, you clearly see reflection and fire not reproduced by other high end engagement ring designers. Bez’s custom ring designs combine traditional knowledge with difficult, unique diamond setting techniques to set diamonds stone to stone creating the vivid fire seen above.