Designer Split Shank Engagement Rings


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Designer Split-Shank Engagement Rings


Designer Split-Shank Engagement Rings


Split-Shank Engagement Rings are growing in popularity and create an extraordinary ring design. A split shank engagement ring has the main setting divided into two or more strands with space between them.


The most common split shank engagement rings have a single split, leaving two separate shanks connected to the head of the ring.


Split Shank Engagement Rings


In most cases, the shanks merge at the bottom of the ring that will go under the finger, creating a single band that can be worn comfortably. Some rings maintain a split through the entire ring frame, but are less common.


The split-shank design comes in many incredible options, and as pictured in the photos, each creates it’s distinct aura. Many of Bez Ambar‘s innovative designs utilize multiple split shanks, some are more romantic, others modern but each has it’s own character.


These designs have a visible gap between the band and the center diamond or halo, making the ring appear larger and more ornate. Many of Bez Ambar’s vintage-inspired engagement rings feature split shanks. By parting the band, it provides more surface area to smaller diamonds and directly increases the sparkle of your engagement ring.


When worn, the split bands on the sides of the finger rise and unite, giving the effect of two brilliant diamond rings uniting. Your center gemstone or diamond is framed or can be surrounded by a halo and given unbelievable focus, each is fully supported by pave or fiery Blaze Cut Diamonds adorning the sides.



Designer Split Shank Engagement Rings

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Custom Design Engagement Ring


Bez Ambar’s unique artistic ability ensures clientele design the perfect ring for each loved one. Some may prefer a deep split, while others a subtle visible space.


Each commanding design is notable and can accommodate different size center and accent stones, fitting into every budget. Call or email today!