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Blaze Paloma Engagement Ring

A pair of rings circumscribe the glorious ritual of marriage; the engagement ring that declares two souls become one, and the wedding ring that commemorates the ceremony of those vows.


At Bez Ambar Inc, we apply unmatched quality standards to all of our diamond shapes. With an exceptional collection of diamonds and rare gemstones in stock, you can rest assured that our skilled artisans, led by master craftsman Bez Ambar, will design exclusive and stunning diamond rings for you and your loved one.


Our diamonds are available in all traditional cuts. Including but not limited to the Cushion, Round, Emerald, Radiant Cut and our exclusive Blaze Cut Diamond that produces incredible reflection and fire!


With a handful of our experienced artisans working together to create every masterpiece, each is an expert in setting the innovative Blaze Cut and all other diamond cuts. Our Blaze Cut was invented in 2003, and it’s revolutionary utilization of only 13 main facets produces more bursts of vivid color than any other cut! Most traditional cuts use over 50 facets and do not create as much fire or brilliance.


When purchasing wedding rings from us, you experience being paired to exclusive diamonds and gemstones that pass our uncompromising quality control guidelines. You also experience creating the right ring for your spouse, not just purchasing something on display! We all have unique preferences and differing tastes, but when you work with a notable designer like Bez, each concern is met and surpassed. Every piece of Bez Ambar jewelry is also backed by our exclusive warranty to be serviced for life.


Working with us enables you to work with a globally respected, innovative and experienced jewelry designer. Bez Ambar’s invention of the modern Princess Cut Diamond in 1982 and a multitude of notable inventions since have propelled our success over the decades.


Give us a call today to start your individualized consultation or to schedule an appointment to visit our Downtown Los Angeles headquarters.


The most important decision of your life deserves praise with distinction, sophistication and unmatched craftsmanship, a unique item to be kept forever.