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Living in a truly quintessential and classic American city, our Boston clientele have shown a strong preference toward traditional engagement ring designs.


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By a large majority, Boston’s ring buyers are choosing round diamonds for their engagement rings. At Bez Ambar, our clients vary greatly in preference, many utilizing Gemstones and our exclusive Blaze Cut Diamonds, or Bez Ambar’s venerable Princess Cut Diamond.



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Once our world renowned designer jewelry company delivers on your dream wedding ring, you won’t have trouble to find a spectacular and unique area to propose in Boston.


With a romantic gondola ride down the Charles River at sunset as an option, or simply strolling under the lights in the Commonwealth Mall, there’s surely an appropriate and beautifully timeless location awaiting to pop the question!


Gondoliers pride themselves on making the gondolas and themselves look incredibly clean and beautiful with special gold and white linens or silks made especially for gondola weddings in Venice, Italy.


If you’re ready to embark on a professional and truly individualized designer engagement ring experience, visit our diamond characteristic page to learn more about diamonds prior to beginning, or email us below and a Bez Ambar consultant will respond within 24-48 hours.


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To create your one of a kind designer engagement ring, please contact Bez Ambar Inc below.

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