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Designer Engagement Rings


Spider Web Designer Engagement Ring

Captivating designer engagement rings create a lifetime of praise.


With over 30 years of groundbreaking and industry changing experience reinforced by an exclusive artistic ability, Bez Ambar’s one of a kind diamond rings have helped eager brides and husbands surmount the anxiety and pressure of weddings and anniversaries.



Designer Engagement Ring

What is better than giving your loved one exactly what they want? Nothing. With designer engagement rings, the higher your budget, the more captivating and incredible the design will be.


Rest assured that even with a modest engagement ring budget, Bez Ambar consultants will help you create an affordable but one of a kind and uniquely designed diamond engagement ring.


The Bez Ambar collection of Designer Engagement Rings area available in Platinum, Rose Gold and 18K Gold but are not limited to any materials. True designer engagement rings are uniquely crafted to each and every client’s need. Bez Ambar’s passionate hands on approach ensures perfection from design through manufacturing and delivery.


Custom Engagement Rings

The most stunning and beautiful diamond engagement rings are those with diamonds and gemstones of the highest quality. Follow the link to learn more about a diamond’s carat, cut, clarity and color.


Bez Ambar Inc has been a trusted and respected supplier of high grade diamond and gemstones over the decades. With some of the most beautiful and flawless diamond in stock, you can rest assured that the perfect sized and colorless stone for your engagement ring design is already in their possession.