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How old do you think the oldest Emerald deposits are? Well, they’re very old. To be precise, the oldest emeralds are roughly 2.97 billion years old and can be found in South Africa. Some of the first known emerald mines were in Egypt, and it’s believed they were worked as early as 3500BC. Today, Colombia is clearly the world’s largest supplier of emeralds. Colombian deposits constitute an average of 50% through nearly 90% of the worlds production. The supply varies greatly, as each gemstone, like a diamond, is created through the extreme conditions, produced over millenniums through the Earth’s great capability. These remarkable gemstones are utilized in a multitude of jewelry styles, be it the featured stone or to accentuate with vivid color.


Colombia continues to be one of the only countries in which fine emeralds are found. It has around 150 known deposits, not all of which are currently being utilized. Colombian emeralds differ from emeralds in other deposits in that they have an especially rare, shining emerald green unimpaired by any kind of bluish tint. The green varies slightly from stone to stone, but the color is so highly revered in the international market that even obvious inclusions are acceptable and do not diminish their value!

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Rare Trapiche Emerald – Colombian Trapiche

Colombian emerald mines also unearth impeccable rarities such as Trapiche emeralds, pictured on the right. Their six rays emanate from the center, resembling the spokes of a millwheel and illustrate an unmistakable character.


The most desired emerald colors are those that are bluish green and pure green. Emerald is the most popular and also the most valuable green gemstone. Experts differ on the color of green that makes one stone an emerald compared to the less-expensive green beryl. Most gemologists, laboratories and dealers consider stones a green beryl when the color is “too light” to be classified as an emerald. As with a diamond’s unique characteristics, there is also a difference of opinion about what grade is considered “too light.” In superb quality and larger carats, fine emeralds can be more valuable than diamonds. It is no wonder emeralds and other gemstone jewelry have sustained such a passionate following since antiquity.



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The luminosity of its color make the emerald a truly unique gemstone. Even with inclusions an emerald with a deep lively green still has a much higher value than an almost flawless emerald whose color is paler. The emerald’s rarity and color quality will determine it’s price.


Another factor that influences the cost is the fact that Emeralds are soft and more fragile than other precious gemstones therefore they need to be set by an expert jeweler with years of experience in setting precious stones and diamonds. Bez Ambar has continuously invented new diamond cuts such as the Princess & Blaze, and he is an innovator in setting methods like Micro-pave and invisible setting, so a Bez Ambar setter is a highly trained professional and becomes what is referred to through industry language as a Maestro.


Bez Ambar uses Emeralds in many of his designs. His innovative mind and unmatched artistic ability leads to some of the most exquisite gemstone jewelry and diamond engagement rings. Each and every piece of Bez Ambar custom jewelry is handmade and designed with the client’s needs and dreams in mind. Bez Ambar Inc makes sure to always purchase the finest loose Emeralds for their clientele, so every client can rest assured that the perfect gem is in their possession.