What is a Halo Engagement Ring? Designer Diamond Rings

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Notice The “Halo” of diamonds around the center stone.

The Halo Engagement Ring


The “Halo” of a diamond ring is a collection of diamonds surrounding the center stone in a circle, creating a captivating design favored by the stars, celebrities and royalty. The showcased Ring of Fire’s uniqueness and visual power lies in the fact that the center stone always looks bigger due to the frame of sixteen individually cut Blaze® diamonds.


What Are Halo Engagement Rings?


What is the halo? It is an engagement ring design similar to an heirloom ring in many grandmother’s jewelry boxes. While bigger and more bold than the classic solitaire, a Halo’s vintage style is currently trending and a perfect balance of contemporary design.


There are many variables that increase or decrease the overall appeal of a halo ring. The degree of precision to which the diamonds are cut and how closely they are matched to each other for clarity and color, can have a dramatic impact on the ring’s light reflection and look.


The accuracy of each diamond’s alignment is also crucial. If the ring is not set precisely, light will not flow through or reflect from the diamonds well. If the diamonds do not closely match, they will draw eyes away from the center diamond of the engagement ring.


Bez Ambar invented the prong-less invisible setting over 25 years ago, and his designer diamond engagement rings can utilize both invisible setting and his unmatched Blaze® diamonds.



Designer Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo Ring Designs


There are many variations of the halo style diamond ring, but they generally fall into two types. One is a setting that features a flush halo encircling the center diamond or gemstone. The other has a space or separation between the diamond halo and the center diamond.


Designer Diamond Engagement Rings


Halo rings are not created equal. To achieve the look, most designs use inner prongs to hold the diamonds. Another option is to cut and notch the diamonds to fit together. Both of these techniques interrupt the natural fire and brilliance of the diamonds in the ring, but with only master craftsmen shaping your one of kind piece, the experts at Bez Ambar will manufacture the best Halo Engagement Rings you’ll ever see!