Jewelers in Shreveport LA

Jewelers in Shreveport LA

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For over thirty years, Bez Ambar is continuously creating award winning high quality and innovative jewelry designs for men and women.


Bez Ambar is admired for his artistic ability, his commitment to excellence, and for always choosing quality over quantity.


Jewelers in Shreveport LA

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The studio is located in downtown Los Angeles  and is creating the most interrelated classic and fashionable design using custom unique diamond cut that Bez developed for a specific look.

The Bez Ambar line is represented in one of the most trust worthy jeweler in Shreveport Sid Potts.  Sid and Bez share a vision to provide the most advanced designs and an extraordinary craftsmanship.
Many jewelers in Shreveport LA stock the “safe” classic jewelry that every one is buying, and they all look just the same. Sid Potts  bring you options to get the most sophisticated design or have Bez sketch some ideas and a custom design process begins.

Call  1-800-223-3374 To receive our newsletter and exclusive offers Click here or email us at: [email protected] . A large selection of extraordinary diamonds set in a unique and attractive designs.
You can can also work with Bez Ambar on custom designing your
ring to fit your dream and beyond. 


Jewelers in Shreveport LA


The design process always begins with a few hand drawn sketches by Bez. This individualized process caters to the varied needs and budget of the client, ensuring an intimate and personal experience.


The great advantage of coming into our office is the opportunity to be a part of the creative process and work hands on with the designer to create your dream ring.


Bez Ambar

611 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 607
Los Angeles, CA 90017