Wearing & Maintaining Your Diamond Jewelry-How to Clean Jewelry At Home


Jewelry Care


Our jewelry is crafted to last a lifetime, however proper care is required to keep it looking great. We’ve put together a set of jewelry maintenance tips, from general jewelry care to wearing and storage that we know you’ll find useful.


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Jewelry is one of the most intimate and prized accessories. According to experts at the nonprofit GIA, chemicals found in everyday substances can permanently damage the nacre of a dazzling pearl and terribly corrode the alloy in a ring’s setting.


Understanding how to care for your jewelry makes a world of difference in retaining its beauty, value and keeping its quality for the generations to come.


Light and temperature can also affect a gemstone’s color and durability. Just as the sun’s ultraviolet rays damage the skin, over time the powerful rays can also fade and weaken gemstones like amethysts and topaz. Thank you for visiting the Bez Ambar Blog and Bookmark this page!


Wearing Your Jewelry


It is strongly suggested to remove Jewelry during most physical tasks. When performing a manual task, remove your jewelry to prevent damage or exposure to chemicals commonly found in an array of cleaning fluids. Kitchen work, gardening and other physical activities that put your rings, bracelets or necklaces in harms way should be avoided when wearing your jewelry.


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Cosmetics, hairspray and lotion can also contain chemicals able to damage or cake itself into your jewelry. Putting jewelry on after getting ready will limit exposure to your jewelry and avoid potential damage.


It’s strongly urged to avoid pools and spas completely. Color changes and even structural damage has occurred on the more delicate materials. It’s a good idea to remove jewelry before entering water just to be on the safe side.


Hard blows that repeatedly occur during sports can irreversibly damage jewelry, and not to mention the players. All jewelry items should be removed before any types of physical sports.


Cleaning Jewelry


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Always remove all jewelry before showering. Soap can cause a film to form over your jewelry making it appear dull.


Silver and gold can be polished with a jewelry polishing cloth for the best results. Using tissue or paper towels can cause scratches so it is strongly urged not to try and polish with either.


Cleaning your jewelry regularly keeps it looking great, but always take extreme care when cleaning the jewelry. Commercial cleaners can be purchased from an established jeweler local to you, or you may be able to prepare a cleaning solution yourself. Rubbing alcohol can work magic, but bleach can and will destroy jewelry so avoid it completely!


Never clean any jewelry that is damaged, cracked or broken, since the additional handling is likely to exacerbate or worsen the problem. If you find that a piece of jewelry is damaged, it should be set aside for repair as soon as possible.


Here are some simple tips for cleaning yellow gold, white gold, platinum and diamond jewelry at home:
1.Put 2-3 drops of dish washing soap that has ammonia in it into a small glass.
2.Fill the glass with very hot water and mix well. (To make distilled water hot, microwave it.)
3. Place diamond ring inside.
4.Let it set in this cleaning solution for 30 minutes.
5.Rinse thoroughly with hot water.
6.Use a hair dryer (instead of a lint-free cloth) to dry the ring and make the diamonds sparkle.


Storing Your Jewelry


It is recommended that you always store your jewelry in a padded container. Fabric-lined jewelry boxes are the best solution and most ideal, but can be as simple as utilizing a shoebox and fabric. Jewelry can also tarnish when it’s not worn, especially silver and gold items. Silver anti-tarnish strips can be placed in your storage container to absorb oxidants that tarnish much jewelry.


Traveling can be tough on us let alone our jewelry, so it’s wise to use a travel kit with items securely stored away. Typically made of fabric or leather, a jewelry travel case transports all types of jewelry and is easily stored in most suitcases or makeup boxes.


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We hope you’ve learned a few valuable tips and more information about caring for, wearing and storing your prized possessions. Want to learn more? Visit our Diamond Education page, or view the Bez Ambar timeline showcasing the company’s Founding to inventing the Princess & Blaze Diamond Cuts, which paved the way for invisible setting and a multitude of notable jewelry innovations.