Knife-Edge: Unique His & Hers Wedding Rings

Allure Engagement ring for emerald Cut Center and Custom Cut Baguettes with Knife-edge Bands

Stunning Diamond Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands


When searching the web for a truly unique wedding band or engagement ring for your husband or wife, the multitude of available and popular ring styles can be overwhelming.


The stunning Allure Engagement Ring on the right is an beautiful engagement ring with two delicate knife-edge ring enhancers set with black diamonds and gorgeous high quality.rubies.


Knife-edge rings are very comfortable and versatile. They can be used as wedding bands,function as ring enhancers or when stacked together create a unique fashion statement. Their stylish and contemporary angled and pointed design can not be ignored and they are very comfortable on the finger as one or stacked. craftsmanship

Many caring partner’s have an understanding of their loved one’s preferred taste, design and colors, but locating a wedding ring with that careful balance of artistic, innovative, bold yet contemporary design is nearly impossible. You know you have found one when you see the perfect ring the patented Knif-edge band designed by Princess Cut Inventor, Bez Ambar.