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Quadrillion Cut Diamond / The Princess Cut


Are you nervous about your wedding vows? A Bez Ambar designer ring is guaranteed to shake most worries. There’s a princess in every woman, and now you can treat yours with an exquisite princess cut diamond engagement ring, necklace or bracelets from the inventor himself!



Octopus Ring – Princess Cut Diamond Center

Creating The Princess Cut Diamond



The Princess Cut Diamond

Betzalel Ambar, Ygal Perlman and Israel Itzkowitz combined forces in the mid 70’s leading to the invention of today’s revered Princess Cut Diamond in 1979. Branded under the code name “Quadrillion” and initially distributed by Ambar Diamonds in Los Angeles, the years of tireless research yielded an immaculate square stone with faceting similar to that of a round brilliant cut diamond but with various benefits.


One benefit of Princess cut diamonds is that they have a slightly lower price per carat than many round diamonds. The four sided pyramid shape of the princess cut diamond allows for more efficient cutting of the rough stone. Two equally sized princess cut diamonds can be cut from the same rough stone with relatively little loss after cutting. This greater efficiency and overall yield, translates to a lower price for square diamonds compared to many other more wasteful cuts.


Choosing A Stone


Like Carat and Color, Clarity in all diamonds varies and the clarity grade will greatly affect the price. Each individual has a different preference regarding a diamond’s clarity and other grading factors. Many are comfortable with the natural inclusions as long as they cannot see them. Others insist on owning something technically flawless.


Lightbox Blaze® Earrings for Princess Cut with Black  Blaze® Frame

Lightbox Blaze® Earrings for Princess Cut Diamond

The only original princess cut diamonds come from the inventor and master craftsman himself. Bez Ambar’s impeccable diamonds are cut to exact proportions in order to maximize brilliance, scintillation and fire! As a jewelry design wholesale company with an array of notable innovations, backed with Bez Ambar’s superb artistic insight, they produce a beautiful balance of fire and sparkle in a unique diamond ring not replicated by any other designer.


I picked out the top 3 diamonds that met my needs and budget. I then sent a list of my preferred diamonds to a consultant at Bez Ambar and asked for guidance. I wanted to hear pros and cons of each size, color and grade. They responded to me within days, and helped me choose the perfect one for my design.

Bez Ambar Inc


Bez’s jewelry designs unite subtle artistic cues, with 21st century technology and relentless ambition. His superb artistry is expressed in the one of a kind designs made to the specific requests of his clientele.