Princess Cut Designer Ring with Blaze Frame

Princess cut ring.

Why Should I get A Princess Cut Engagement ring?

What makes the princess cut diamond so special?

– When polished from the crystal rough,  it yields the highest percentage.

-The Princess cut is a square cut that is as brilliant as a round brilliant diamond.and it is cheaper than the round cut.

– Per carat the Princess is cheaper than the round brilliant.

– When set The stones sit flash next to one another without any gaps between the stones. This creates a continuous uninterrupted brilliance.

When you purchase a Princess cut diamond you get: Beauty, great value for your money, something different

-The featured ring present a one carat Original Princess cut diamond surrounded by the new Blaze cut.

-The Blaze cut diamonds have fewer bigger facets and they soak the princess cut with fire to make it even more brilliant.

-When you add the Blaze frame and wear this ring it will be hard to ignore you and people will constantly compliment you.

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Bez Ambar offices are in Los Angeles Ca.

princess cut ring

A beautiful princess cut engagement ring designed by the originator of the princess cut. A most see!


Bez Ambar studio is situated in downtown Los Angeles Ca. We specialize in artistic, customized one of a kind designs.
Each design begins with a free hand sketch and continues with a CAD file of the design before we cast the wax model.
We always look for the perfect center stone to satisfy your taste and budget. If you bring your own stone, Bez will make
The design fit it in a perfect way.
Creating your ring is a collaboration that involves Bez – the designer and You – the client.
The only goal in mind is to create the best custom designed ring to fulfill your needs, budget and taste.
If you live in the area, please contact us to set up an appointment to come to our office in person.
If you live somewhere else within the United States please click on the link to find a
retailer near you.