Radiant vs Cushion Cut Engagement Rings


Diamond Characteristics

If you’re going to buy Radiant or Cushion cut engagement rings, you want to get the most value for your money.
Knowledge about the unique details of various diamond cuts in the market can help you decide which center stone to buy.
It is important to know the characteristics of the different diamond cuts and what distinguishes one from another.
Cushion cut and Radiant cut shapes are closely related, and to an untrained eye, it may be difficult to distinguish between them.

Radiant Cut Diamonds


The Radiant cut diamond has a rectangular shape with cropped corners like that of the classy emerald cut. It’s brilliant facet pattern which produces the sparkle draws comparisons with the round brilliant diamond and marquise cuts. Due to its large facets, the Radiant cut diamond will show inclusions and imperfections easily, therefore, it is important to choose higher color and clarity grading. If you are looking for a quality Radiant cut diamond consider a stone with at least a color of H and clarity of SI2.

Cushion Cut Diamonds


A cushion-cut diamond gets its name from the rounded corners and curved sides that make it appear softer than a princess-cut diamond but not as circular as a round-cut stone. There are several types of cushion cuts on the market including modern, antique, and many branded cushions. With the amount of variation within the world of Cushion cuts, there are no steadfast rules for what equals the very best. In general, excessively deep and excessively shallow stones should be avoided.

The size of the stone and its clarity are important factors to take into consideration when you look for a center diamond. Should you sacrifice clarity for size, or choose a cleaner but smaller stone? Both Radiant and Cushion cut diamonds glorify the diamond’s clarity. If your budget has strict limitations, I believe that a smaller and clearer stone is a wiser choice.

Which one is a Better buy?

Is one cut better than the other? Quite honestly it is a matter of personal preference and personal taste. The cushion cut resembles a round diamond and has more fire. The shape of the radiant cut stone seems to be a hybrid of cushion cut and princess cut diamonds. Softly rounded like a cushion cut, but faceted like a princess cut, the four-sided radiant cut diamond has a brilliant sparkle. The blocked corners of the radiant give the cut a modern sophistication.

Both will create brilliance and scintillation, but only one is the right one for you. The Fancy Pink Radiant Cut Engagement Ring on the left clearly depicts the corners and Emerald-like qualities. The Cushion cut engagement ring with side tapered baguette on the right resembles a classic round diamond ring but has a Cushion Cut diamond center. Do you prefer the rounded corners or has the cropped edge Radiant design stolen your heart?

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A Bez Ambar consultant will guide you into selecting the right, conflict-free and certified diamond.

halo engagement ring with fancy colored diamond ring pink radiant cut center blaze shank bookend bands cushion- cut engagement -ring

Frame of Fire with Fancy Pink Radiant Cut Diamond Cushion Cut Engagement Ring with Side Tapered Baguettes