What Sets Apart Custom Designer Jewelry From The Rest?

Blossom Diamond Engagement Ring for Round Brilliant Center with Split Shank

Blossom Diamond Engagement Ring

A straightforward question, what is it that sets apart true designer jewelry from any standard mass produced items? The short answer lies in attention to detail. When closely scrutinized, it is apparent that even jewelry portrayed and sold as designer quality, is actually what is considered general stock; items with inexpensive, typical designs and simple setting techniques, instead of anything close to unique and custom.


When you think designer, graphics, interior design, and clothing also come to mind, but what about in jewelry? Each of those examples involve an individual or group of them designing and creating something different, something special. This type of individualized experienced is molded to the respected client and their needs, not only those of the designers. At Bez Ambar Inc, innovation meets timeless tradition. A true artist, designer Bez Ambar hand draws all custom rings and jewelry designs giving his clientele a remarkable and individualized experience. Bez Amabar utilizes a team of expert diamond and gemstone setters to transform his drawings into real, flawless jewelry. The custom process results in perfect designs for all husband and wives to be.


So, how can you easily differentiate high end designer jewelry from the rest? Through quality, craftsmanship and the details.


Look closely at the way stones are set on the Blossom Ring to the right, does it look as if the diamonds were set in a few moments without any creative input or difficulty? Of course not, the proximity of stones on multiple sides of the ring are great examples of the difficulty in design and finer details of high end jewelry. Look at any competitor’s diamond settings and the distance between the stones, it will make the difference clear. The majority of designer jewelers have sacrificed uniqueness and quality, over mass production and profits.


After careful revision, each and every piece of Bez Ambar jewelry, due to Bez’s artistic nature and ultimately his commitment to excellence, is not approved or finalized without countless hours of creative input and it’s share of manufacturing difficulties. For a more visual explanation of the difference in quality or service, please watch the innovative and fiery Blaze Diamond video below, or the personalized Bez Ambar experience underneath.


Due to Bez’s artistic nature, his commitment to excellence, and only after a careful process of quality control, each and every piece of Bez Ambar jewelry is finalized and then approved. Watch the videos below to see the quality of craftsmanship, proximity of diamond settings, and brilliance of the innovative Blaze Cut Diamond.


The Ultimate Diamond Cut



An Unmatched Experience