What is The Difference Between Commercial, Designer and Custom Jewelry?

what is better commercial designer or custom jewelry?



What is the difference between commercial, designer and custom jewelry?


Commercial Jewelry


Most department stores are full with cases of commercial jewelry. Shopping Mall jewelry stores typically carry commercial jewelry as well. Let’s look at the characteristics of commercial jewelry.


1) Commercial jewelry is made by machines.

2) Commercial jewelry is massively produced.

3) Commercial jewelry does not adhere to any aesthetic requirements

4) Commercial jewelry is made with lower quality materials and does not last long.

5) Most commercial jewelry is made in third world countries by companies that exploit adults and children.


What is Designer Jewelry?




When you visit a gallery or a free-standing jewelry store, you will most likely find designer jewelry.


1) Designer jewelry refers to artistically conceived jewelry collections.

2) An important part of the perceived value of designer jewelry is the aesthetic quality.

3) Designer jewelry is done by a person or company employing artisans with artistic ability and jewelry making skills.

4) The jewelry may or may not be handcrafted.

5) Sometimes, a jewelry designer or a jewelry design company will use a team of master model makers to create prototypes of a design that is mass-produced.

6) In some instances, designer jewelry collection is launched by a celebrity.


Designer jewelry can be very expensive however, many collections are moderately priced. The price and the number of pieces produced depend on the type of material used and the cost of the stones.


High End jewelry:


This is the most expensive of all designer jewelry.

The name originated from the French “haute joaillerie” and it is basically a direct translation.

What distinguish high end jewelry are: exquisite design, rare and expensive materials, and expert craftsmanship.

Pieces of high jewelry are often one of a kind, because the gemstones used are so rare that any kind of mass production is impossible.


What is Custom Designer Jewelry?

Free -hand -drawing-customized-for -special -order

Free -hand -drawing-customized-for -special -order


1) Custom designer jewelry is only made to order

2) Design specifications are often dictated by the customer and usually are handcrafted by highly skilled artisans.

3) Clients get a special piece that matches perfectly their needs and dreams.

4) Custom designed jewelry is made from high quality materials so it lasts longer.

5) The designer works within the client budget limits and they have more design options to choose from.

6) Clients participate in a uniquely personal experience which involves very close collaboration with the jewelry designer.


The simplest way to buy custom designed jewelry is to buy a diamond and a ready made setting separately.

 If you like a diamond from one ready-made ring and the setting of another, then you can buy them separately and have the jeweler make you a ring that will combine the two.


Another option when you go custom is to have an idea a theme or an inspiration that you  share  with a master designer jeweler and have him/her create for you the perfect engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary gift.


 Is Designer Jewelry Better Than Commercial Jewelry?


The decision to buy designer jewelry over commercial jewelry is a personal one.

You may feel that materials being equal, you could find yourself unwilling to pay a premium price for a name brand.

Conversely, if a particular designer’s aesthetic pleases you greatly, you may come to appreciate the extra attention to detail you are more likely to see in a designer piece of jewelry as opposed to a generic one.

However, in the end, most made to order custom jewelry and designer jewelry is higher quality in design and manufacturing over commercial jewelry.


Why Buy Bez Ambar Custom Designed Jewelry?


If you read some of what retailers in the jewelry industry are saying about Bez Ambar the answer to this question becomes very clear:



Custom Designed-Foxglove-Earrings-Bez ambar Los Angeles

Custom Pendant with Fancy Intense Yellow  Diamond Bez ambar Los Angeles

Custom Pendant with Fancy Intense Yellow Diamond Bez ambar Los Angeles


Custom Design Engagement Ring With Double Pave Halo and Knife- Edge Shank Bez Ambar Los Angeles


“There are very few super stars in the jewelry design world. Bez Ambar is surely one of them. His creative talents are only matched by the workmanship of his superb craftsmen.” – Maurice Badler, Badler Fine Jewelry, NYC


“ When it comes to quality workmanship and artistry, no jewelry designer does it better than Bez Ambar. Bez is the artistic genius who produces some of the most beautiful jewelry items in the world.” -Diamond Source of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia.


“ Bez Ambar is one of the most prominent diamond jewelry designers to emerge in the last thirty years. He is known for his innovation in creating new designs with unique diamond cuts, such as the Princess Cut. Bez Ambar perfected the use of the “invisible setting”, which takes advantage of the clean edges of a diamond and gives it fiery color, and the use of  the micro-pave setting.” -Simon Jewelers, High Point, North Carolina.


“ Unlike anything I have ever seen! Unique, genius, and captivating designs.” -Jeannette Requilez, Rainbow City, Alabama


“…We are ecstatic to welcome the work of the amazingly talented and innovative artist Bez Ambar. A classically trained artist in his own right with knowledge of sculpture and painting, Bez Ambar brings this sensibility to his work. Bez strived to break the mold of traditional jewelry shaping and setting, moving towards the stream lined and proving that what seemed impossible is miraculous.” -Provident Jewelers, Fort Myers, Florida.


“ The cut, the gem, the design…every piece is absolutely incredible!!!” -Michele White


“ Bez Ambar is considered a true visionary of Bridal and high end fashion jewelry, having introduced an array of original design ideas since making his foray into the industry three decades ago.” -J. Scott Jewelers, Beaver Creek, Colorado.

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  1. Thanks for the information. I think jewelry can be so beautiful. I like the idea of creating it as part of an artistic collection. Jewelry can do so much to enhance someone’s appearance. Custom jewelry sounds like an amazing way to make a unique gift for someone.

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