Register your Bez Ambar creation on our website and we will send you a certificate of authenticity that will validate our warranty.
Our Commitment: You're getting a genuine, defect-free Bez Ambar original design, unless otherwise explicitly stated. If you find any material or workmanship defects in your Bez Ambar jewelry, we've got you covered. We'll repair or replace it for free, as long as you adhere to the conditions laid out in our warranty.

Warranty Registration: To activate this warranty, registration of your purchase on is mandatory. Unregistered jewelry will not be covered.

Authenticity Stamp: Authentic Bez Ambar jewelry bears our unique stamp. Unstamped items aren't covered. Return any unstamped pieces to us for immediate stamping to ensure warranty eligibility.

Warranty Period: This warranty is valid for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Annual Inspections: Keep your warranty active with an annual inspection by Bez Ambar. It's your responsibility to maintain inspection records. Lack of a signed, dated inspection certificate from the past year will void your warranty.

Bez Ambar-Only Repairs: For warranty compliance, all repairs, resizing, or other modifications must be exclusively done by Bez Ambar. Unauthorized work voids this warranty.

Exclusions: Excluded from coverage are damages due to regular or abnormal wear and tear, mishandling, or negligence on your part. However, the warranty can be reinstated if repairs are completed by Bez Ambar.

Claim Process: To make a warranty claim, contact us at with proof of purchase and any relevant documentation. Shipping fees and other potential costs may apply.

Certificate of Authenticity

Why Is It Important To Have?

Certificate of Authenticity isn't just a piece of paper; it's your assurance of genuine craftsmanship and quality. When you invest in designer fine jewelry, such a certificate is indispensable. It serves as your guarantee that you're not only purchasing an authentic piece but also acquiring a timeless heirloom of immeasurable value. Don't settle for anything less; ensure your fine jewelry is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity to safeguard your investment.

Contents and Benefits

A Certificate of Authenticity is more than a seal of approval; it's your peace of mind and investment protection. Here's why:

  • Detailed Disclosure: Each certificate outlines the meticulous details of your jewelry, signed personally by the designer, ensuring you know exactly what you own.
  • Universal Validity: Legally recognized worldwide and across languages, the certificate carries its weight of authenticity wherever you go.
  • Fraud Prevention: The certificate is your insurance against counterfeits, verifying that you're investing in the genuine article—not a knock-off.
  • Invaluable Heirloom: With this certificate, you're not just buying jewelry; you're acquiring a timeless treasure to be passed down through generations.
  • Confidence Builder: This certificate is your assurance that the piece you're purchasing aligns precisely with the jeweler's description, fortifying your trust in the seller.

By demanding a Certificate of Authenticity, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a sound investment for now and generations to come.

A Certificate of Authenticity is legally binding for all nations and valid for all languages.
A Certificate of authenticity is insurance that what you are getting is not a fraud that you are investing in the real thing and that you are getting an invaluable heirloom that you can pass from generation to generation.
A certificate is an assurance that what you are buying is exactly as described by the jeweler. It is the only way to strengthen your confidence in the seller and keep your peace of mind.