Wedding & Engagement Rings: 1st Time Buyer’s Guide

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When it comes time to purchase engagement and wedding rings for the first time, women tend to know exactly what they want. Whether they can describe it to someone or locate it is an entirely different story. If her significant other doesn’t know much about engagement rings, any ideas that she may have conveyed about what she wants may have just caused confusion. Thankfully, getting up to speed on the first time basics is a fairly painless endeavor. A great number of women also have spent a great deal of time online, or at a local franchise mall jeweler, but no epiphanies have occurred. At Bez Ambar Inc, tradition meets unmatched artisanship, quality and innovation. In an effort to cut costs, the majority of designer jewelry manufacturers use the simplest, cheap and mass produced ring designs and diamond setting techniques. Take a closer look at any of the engagement rings on this website, then compare any other diamond rings to clearly see how Bez Ambar’s innovative designs usually unite multiple diamonds each precisely cut to fit the other, causing unsurpassed brilliance and fire. Bez and the experienced team at Bez Ambar invented the Blaze Cut diamond, utilizing less facets and creating more flare than ever before. After learning more about diamonds below, please indulge yourself with the Blaze Video to see just what is meant by unsurpassed fire and a truly custom ring purchase.


As of 2003, the US congress and President Bush passed the law adopting the Kimberley Process. This ethical provision requires all US diamond retailers who source diamonds from manufacturers have documentation warranting that the merchandise was obtained legitimately. US Customs Service actively enforce the Kimberley Process on all diamonds entering the United States and Bez Ambar Inc is proud to stand behind our ethically sourced diamonds.




Taking the time to know the various ways a diamond can be cut should be one of the first steps taken in deciding what kind of a ring to buy. While all of the diamonds we select at Bez Ambar are of the highest quality, carefully extracted through legitimate sources, they are all different and possess unique characteristics. A princess cut diamond can be either square or rectangular, and is a stylish selection. The classic emerald cut diamond resembles a rectangle with a stair pattern inside formed from the facets. The marquis gem is an oval with pointed ends, a wonderful selection when looking for the illusion of a larger stone. The pillow-shaped cushion or antique cut dates back 200 years and is a square with rounded edges. The most popular, round cut, is shaped just like it sounds and makes up approximately 75% of all diamonds purchased. There is also a heart-shaped cut which also looks just like it sounds. Heart-shaped diamonds are not suggested for smaller carat weights as they can be difficult to set. Finally, there is the pear shaped diamond, which resembles a tear drop and can lengthen the finger when worn correctly. Those are some of the most traditional diamond cuts used in the industry. Bez Ambar stands alone in having invented the modern Princess cut, patented under the trademark name Quadrillion, and more recently the Blaze cut mentioned earlier. A new, even more ingenious and reflective diamond cut is under development at Bez Ambar, but we can’t elaborate!




Visible color in reference to diamonds is a pale yellow. A diamond’s color grade is based on lack of color; the clearer a diamond, the higher its color grade. Diamonds with noticeable color, often a yellowish tint, are graded lower than those without a tint. Color is generally considered the second most important characteristic when selecting a diamond. The human eye tends to detect a diamond’s sparkle (light performance) first, and the color second. Color is graded on a scale of D (colorless) to Z (light yellow) making the most valuable stones those that contain little to no color.




Trio Pas Engagement Ring for Square Emeralds

There are a multitude of different ways that a diamond can be kept in place, or set. The most traditional method is to use 3, 4, or 6 prongs or tines to secure the stone. Another way to set the stone is the bezel setting. In this setting, metal encircles the diamond, making the diamond head appear to be flat or close to flat. Not so much a setting as an option, the halo ring has become a very trendy style. It is designed with one large center diamond encircled by several smaller diamonds set directly into the metal setting, giving it a stunning halo effect. Bez Ambar setting techniques are unparalleled by any other jewelry manufacturer. For example, the Linear Blaze collection features Blaze cut diamonds set edge-to-edge. Parallel lines of pave add shimmering brilliance to the burning rings of Blaze. Other diamond setting techniques at Bez Ambar reiterate this stone-to-stone customization not found at any other jewelry designers.




The metal selections for an engagement ring are usually gold or platinum. Deciding will be a personal choice, depending upon the future ring owner’s taste. Platinum is renowned for its luster and beauty, but is definitely the much more expensive option. For those that desire the same color of metal at a lower cost, white gold is the best option. Though platinum and white gold are very popular, some women still prefer the more traditional yellow gold. Any metal chosen will need to be polished over time to retain its brilliance and shine for years to come. Another major flaw in many rings is the lack of insight and adjustment for the end user. Bez Ambar’s fully custom, not mass-produced design strategy ensures all brides and husbands to be design and receive a ring manufactured exclusively for that life-changing day and experience.


With this foundation of knowledge, most should be able to choose a phenomenal ring that represents true love. While a great start, the jewelry and diamond professionals at Bez Ambar will be able to guide the buyer to the perfect ring for the bride-to-be. For the budget conscious shopper, simple yet elegant fine jewelry is available at entry prices. Do not let the stunning, unique and designer level worry you, Bez Amabar Inc’s team works on all types of diamonds, metals and budgets.