What is a Halo Engagement Ring

Halo-Engagement-Rings Bez Ambar


We hear a lot about a halo engagement ring. what is a halo engagement ring? Well, a halo engagement ring is a ring that the center stone is framed by smaller diamonds.


The frames can follow the contour of the center stone or have a slight variation in shape. It can be attached to the center stone or set slightly apart from it.


Bez Ambar is one of the originators of halo engagement rings. Back in 2000 Bez introduced the first halo ring for a large fancy yellow diamond.


The halo engagement ring is not limited just to fancy color diamonds. It also works well with white diamonds in different shapes and cuts. As you can see in the picture on the left, the frame of small round diamonds is the “Halo”.


Blaze Diamond Halo


Bez Ambar, developed the halo look beyond the small round diamond frame. In the past couple of years he has created the “Frame of Fire“.


A halo that goes far and above the standard halo. Using his patented Blaze® cut diamonds he created a frame that blends with the center diamonds infusing it with vivid fire and brilliance, making it appear three times larger than it is.


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