What is Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting?

what is Cathedral engagement ring setting
Linda Sapphire cathedral engagement ring setting

Origins of The Name

The cathedral engagement ring setting got its name because it’s shape mimics the grace and elegance of a cathedral .”A cathedral is a Christian church which contains the seat of a bishop”. The name in Italian is Duomo. The Cathedral is a big and impressive building with arches that frame and support the ceiling in a stable way.

exeter cathedral engagement ring setting

Understanding the Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting

The cathedral setting is one of the most elegant, classic and popular engagement ring settings. Similar to the cathedral arches it uses arches of metal to support and securely hold the center diamond or colored gemstone. The center stone can be set with prongs, bezel, tension or basket design and it can sit low or high above the arches. It’s defining characteristic is not how the center stone is held but rather how the mounting is built and how the shank and the arches are relating.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Choosing a Cathedral Engagement Ring Setting


1. Appearance
Cathedral setting is elegant and classic.

2. Protection
The arches provide protection to the center stone, especially if the stone sits low and the arches extend to the stone’s girdle. This is especially relevant if the center stone is a softer gemstone such as emerald.The setting is especially fit to support bigger heavier center stones

3. Esthetics
Cathedral setting go well with a small or large budget. The ring will look beautiful with or without diamonds on the shank

waterfall blaze cathedral engagement ring setting


1. Cleaning may be more difficult

2. This setting works best with a solitaire center stone. It may look disproportional with multi-stones

3. If the ring is set on high arches it may be more prone to damage from external objects, or caught in clothes.

Variations Of Cathedral Setting

A cathedral setting is a classic choice, but it can take on many subtle variations. As you shop for jewelry, you may meet cathedral settings with these features:
silhouette solitaire cathedral engagement ring setting
  • Different arch degrees, from very small arches to dramatic curves that frame a high setting
  • The arches may be concave or convex.
  • Different arch widths proportional to the size of the center gemstone
  • Solid or split band arches