Three Stone Engagement Rings


Women three stone rings

Three stone engagement rings are very popular. They are classic, elegant and feminine. There is a meaningful idea behind the big center stone and two smaller side stones is that the large center stone represents the present. It suggests that living in the present moment is the most important thing in life. The two smaller side stones are representations of the past and the future. The past is already gone. It lives only in our memory. The future is uncertain and is yet to come. Most three stone engagement rings work beautifully with a simple minimalist design with a bare shank/band, not to take away from the presence of the three stones. In this design, Bez Ambar chose to add delicate details that make the three stone ring more of a statement. He adds small Blaze cut diamonds down the shank, and a touch of white diamonds under the center stones. The design is flat on both sides so it can accommodate bands in a fixed fit. In this design, you can see the two black and white diamond bookend ring enhancers elevating even more the center ring. The bookend enhancers come in different colors and different patterns and a woman can wear them with the engagement ring or by themselves.

women three stone rings

women three stone rings

Bez Ambar studio is located in downtown Los Angeles CA. Being an accomplished painter, Bez specializes in artistic one of kind designs. The process always begins with a free hand sketch continues with a CAD image of the design and ends with the finished ring. Bez works hand in hand with the customer to make sure that the product perfectly matches the customer’s taste, style and budget.

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