Anniversary Rings, Wedding Rings, and Eternity Rings

Blaze Eternity Anniversary Rings

What is the difference between anniversary rings, a wedding ring and an eternity ring?

All of these terms are often used in advertising and/or marketing of diamond jewelry and can be a little confusing. We thought that since we are asked this question regularly we should take a moment to explain what each term means.

Blaze Tulip Set or Anniversary Rings

Wedding Rings

The Wedding Ring (or band) is the ring that a man and woman exchange during their wedding ceremony signifying their commitment to one another. Traditionally these bands were plain solid gold bands, but today it’s very popular to have them made with diamonds.

The characteristic that distinguishes them from the Engagement Ring is that they do not have a center stone. The diamonds are usually small and decorative. If the engagement ring has diamonds on the shank, there is a tendency to match the size and shape of the diamonds on the wedding ring to the size and shape of the diamonds on the engagement ring.
Traditionally, the wedding band is worn on the third finger of the left hand. It goes on the finger first, and sits closest to the heart. The Engagement Ring sits closer to the tip of the finger.

Wedding Band or Anniversary Rings

Bez Ambar specializes in supplying rings for brides that are open to a new trend called “stacking.” Brides will wear two wedding bands, one on either side of their engagement ring. It’s a great look! Both rings can be purchased and worn together from the time of the wedding ceremony. Other bands are given to the woman to mark special occasions in the couples life together such as, an anniversary, welcoming of a child, or as a birthday gift.

The term Wedding Ring is used interchangeably with the term Wedding Band.

Anniversary Rings

An anniversary ring is usually a diamond band given as a gift for a significant anniversary (five, ten, fifteen years and so on). Some of the most popular anniversary rings are three-stone rings, in which three diamonds are supposed to symbolize the yesterdays, today and tomorrows of your life together. A very romantic sentiment. Five-stone and seven-stone anniversary bands are very popular as well. The Anniversary ring can, and often is, made to match the engagement ring and is worn on the other hand.

The Anniversary Ring can also be an all around eternity ring depending on the budget and taste of the couple.

Anniversary Rings

Rose Gold Windows Eternity Anniversary Rings

Eternity Rings

An Eternity Ring is a band in which the diamonds go all the way around the ring to symbolize ever lasting love. Often times an eternity ring will be used as a wedding ring. The term eternity ring is used interchangeably with the term eternity band.

Bez Ambar has original and innovative eternity band designs, both in diamonds and gemstones, that can be worn on both sides of an engagement ring or as stackables.

His Bookend-bands and Knife-Edge bands are a patented Bez Ambar design and help create beautiful wedding ring sets.

His Eternity bands come in a variety of sizes and colors. They can be worn apart or together and create a very versatile look.

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