Bez Ambar Aura Collection Multi Colored Stone Rings

Announcing the AURA COLLECTION: a unique collaboration between Maurice Badler and Bez Ambar.

This collection showcases beautiful color gemstones selected by Maurice Badler set in 18k gold rings designed by Bez Ambar. It was created in response to increased interest from our customers in colorful and striking jewelry. Drawing on Maurice Badler’s extensive knowledge and experience in selecting extraordinary gemstones, and Bez Ambar’s ability to build incredible jewelry designs around any stone, we have taken gemstone jewelry to the next level.

Most jewelry designers settle for average quality gems that are cut in ways that facilitate mass production, but Maurice Badler’s stones are different. Only the most gorgeous gemstones of extraordinary quality are selected. They are sorted into matching sets, and paired with complementary center stones before Bez Ambar designs a setting around them, resulting in a unique creation that can never be duplicated.

Expanding his legendary work in diamond cutting and diamond jewelry, world-famous jewelry designer Bez Ambar has created a new collection of 18k gold three-stone colored gemstone jewelry exclusively for Maurice Badler in New York. Bez works with each customer to create variations with her favorite colors, made just for her.

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