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Bez Ambar styles are not mass-produced, they are custom handmade designs, and are sold in exclusive stores around the country. The information you provide us will only be used to assist you in the best way possible.
We will not disclose any private information without prior consent.
You may also call 1-800-223-3374 ∙ You will receive an email within 24 hours.

Bez Ambar Inc – Authenticity

All Bez Ambar pieces are crafted with outstanding care and focus by our master artisans, meeting rigorous quality control standards and favoring quality over mass production. Bez Ambar’s success over the last three decades has proven the dependability and primacy of the Bez Ambar brand.

Recently there has been a rise in incidents where non-authorized Bez Ambar jewelry stores are attracting customers with our designs and images, only to offer and reproduce a counterfeit.

Many of those customers contact us later displeased with the workmanship and overall quality of their newly purchased ring in hopes that we can repair it and bring it to match the original design. Unfortunately, the replicated items cannot be fixed and must be remade correctly. At Bez Ambar, we use state of the art equipment and various unique methods not available to other jewelers.

We guarantee that by purchasing a genuine Bez Ambar design, you will receive nothing short of what you have seen in the beautiful images displayed on our website. The craftsmanship and quality of work are of the highest standards and will prevent future disappointments and frustrations that may accompany any replicated designs. There is no reason to settle for anything less than the original!

You are welcome to contact us directly prior to acquiring your Bez Ambar design with any questions or concerns. We are confident that we can alleviate all your concerns and provide you with a genuine Bez Ambar design that will carry a higher value, certificate of authenticity and an international warranty.

Comments 83

    1. Can I please get a catalog of all of

      your beautiful rings . thank you very.
      Here is my information to send the catalog
      Tammy Reed
      2320 Lister ave
      Kansas City Missouri
      64127. Thank you

    1. Hey Josette,
      Please send us your information and we will be happy to send you a catalog.


  1. Can you tell me about the ring below

    An intense three-stone engagement ring featuring pear-shaped diamonds surrounded by a frame of Blaze, with a knife-edge shank studded in pave.

    1. Hi Betty,

      Thank you for your internet in Bez Ambar.
      Please send me the SKU number of the ring you are interested in,
      so I can send you all the information.


  2. Hello Anat,

    This is Saurabh Jain from Ashy Diamonds. We would like to to talk with you regarding wholesale working for us in Middle east. Kindly contact me.

    1. Please contact my boyfriend cause he has bean looking for a ring for me either his email address is [email protected] or call him 718-6782020 can yu send this new ring to his email or send a catalog

      1. Hi,

        Your boyfriend is welcome to contact us via email or phone.
        All our information is on our website.
        Thank you

    1. Hey Pamela,
      please send us your full name and address and we will be happy to send you a catalog


  3. In the early 1990’s I purchased a very large yellow diamond from Mayors Jewelry Store in Coral Springs, Florida. Bez Ambar was there in person. Would like to know current value and is he still designing himself?

    1. Dear Phyllis,

      To give you the current value of your ring, we need to know it’s specifications.
      Yes, Bez is still designing himself

    1. Hey Bryan,

      Send your information to [email protected] and we will be happy to refer you to the closest location.
      If there is no location near you, you are welcome to contact us via the above mail or give us a call.


  4. Wondering if you have any locations in Canada preferably Ontario. If not could you send a catalog please?

    1. Dear Cathy,

      thank you for your interest in Bez Ambar
      Please send your information to [email protected], and we will be happy to send you a catalog.
      We do not have a retailer in Ontario. However, we can work with you directly. We can send you drawings, images, and videos.
      You can speak directly with Bez Ambar via Skype, and we can send you a sample of the casting in silver to approve.


    1. Hi Chrystal,

      Thank you for your interest in Bez Ambar
      I forwarded your request to Noga. She will send you the catalog.


  5. Please send me a catalog.

    Thank you
    Judy Sweeney
    1204 So. 37th St.
    Kansas City IS 66106

      1. Hey Tammy,

        Thank you for your interest in Bez Ambar.
        Please send us a picture or SKU number of the ring you are interested in, so I can give you the information you requested.
        Send your email to [email protected]


    1. Hey Tammy,

      Thank you for your interest in Bez Ambar. Please email us the SKU number of the ring so we can give you a price.


  6. May I please have a catalog! Terry Grech
    7801 Seward Rd Fairfield OH 45011. Your rings are perfect!

    1. Post

      Hi Lorraine,

      Thank you for your interest in Bez Ambar.
      We have several financing plans to try and best meet your needs.
      Please email us at [email protected] with the SKU or picture of the product you are interested in, or give us a call at 213-629-9191 and we will be able to answer all of your questions in detail.


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