Bez Ambar’s New Patented Design – The Divine Cut Diamond

The Most Sparkling Round Diamond Divine cut A Bez Ambar Invention


“There are very few superstars in the jewelry design world. Bez Ambar is surely one of them. His creative talents are matched only by the workmanship of his superb craftsmen.”

– Maurice Badler, Badler Fine Jewelry, NYC

The Divine Cut is the newest invention from Bez Ambar and we believe that it is the future of round diamonds.
The new cut is so unique and original that Bez Ambar was awarded an international design patent for it.

Those who are familiar with Bez Ambar’s previous innovations and inventions agree that Bez Ambar is the most important diamond jewelry designer of our time. During the past 30 years, he has revolutionized the industry by inventing two new cuts of diamonds and creating new ways to set them. His new Divine Cut is further proof of his genius.

No one in the jewelry industry invented three diamond cuts each very beautiful, unique and original, each creating a whole new look and each changing and innovating the jewelry industry.
His Quadrillion, a square shape with the brilliance of a round diamond, was the original Princess cut stone. To take advantage of the straight edges of the new diamond cut, Bez Ambar invented an invisible setting  that made it possible to set the stones without prongs or metal between them. Bez was also the first designer to perfect Micro-Pavé setting. Micro Pave’ are very small round diamonds which are very hard to set and Bez was the first to set the stones with the use of a powerful microscope. His next creation was the  Blaze. This time, Bez  was looking to maximize the fire dispersion in the stones.   The Blaze cut has fewer and larger facets ( 13 facets ) and it brings out the  maximum amount of fire in a diamond. According to an article from American Banking News: ““When the Blaze stones are set next to each other, they create large areas of uninterrupted brilliance infused with hundreds of colorful explosions of light.”

The Creation of The Divine Cut

Bez’s new vision was to translate the beauty and fire of the Blaze into a round shape. Bez wanted to create a round  diamond that will have the fire of the Blaze and will elevate the color of the stone. After many calculations, computer models, and many experiments, the new diamond came to life. The Divine Cut is a dramatic departure from the way round, brilliant cut diamonds look. The comparison of the Divine cut to the conventional round shows a huge difference that is clearly visible to the naked eye. Everyone who sees the two cuts side by side can not believe how much more brilliant is the Divine. The other unique quality of the Divine is its ability to elevate the color of a stone.
To learn more about the Divine read this article

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