Black Diamond Jewelry

black diamond jewelry

“Black diamond jewelry possesses a crisp elegance”

Since their earliest discovery, black diamonds have been appreciated for their unusual appearance and qualities, though not always viewed as desirable for use in jewelry. In Italy, black diamonds were considered a stone of reconciliation between couples who had suffered a misunderstanding or whose relationship had fallen apart.
As black as a moonless night sky – black diamond jewelry possesses a crisp elegance that looks just as good dressed up for a night out on the town as it does lounging around in your favorite pair of jeans.

Enigmatic and beautiful,a natural black diamond is a stone like no other. The diamond is the hardest stone on earth – and due to it’s internal structure, black diamonds are even harder than other diamonds! Instead of reflecting a playful sparkle of light, they absorb it, bouncing light off their well-polished surfaces in the same manner as cool, black marble.

Black Diamond Jewelry is in High Demand!

black diamond jewelry

In 1996 luxury jeweler Fawad Gruosi, founder and head of the Swiss jewelry house De Grisogono , unveiled a stunning collection of black diamond jewelry and watches – an awe-inspiring demonstration of the potential of this forgotten gem!

Gem-quality natural black diamonds are still rare and pricey, but technology and sophisticated color enhancement techniques have put beautiful black diamond jewelry within the reach of the average consumer. Thanks to modern science, the popularity of black diamond jewelry, both in couture and retail markets, has grown immensely and these “diamonds of the night” have begun to enjoy their rightful place in the sun alongside their more familiar cousins.

From designer jewelry showrooms to your favorite TV shopping network – black diamond jewelry is in high demand! These diamonds seem to be everywhere these days, the new-found darling of jewelry designers and customers alike. It’s hard to believe that little over a decade ago black colored diamonds, other than certain notable specimens, were disdainfully labeled “carbons” and seldom seen in jewelry collections, let alone everyday jewelry shops!

Breathtaking Designs

Bez Ambar has created some breathtaking designs black diamond jewelry and black and white diamond jewelry. You will find black diamond eternity bands ,ring enhancers and stackable bands, black and white engagement rings and engagement rings sets, the contrast between the cool black diamond and the sparkling warm light of the white diamond creates a dramatic and elegant look.

Whether you’re picking out your first piece of black diamond jewelry or your twenty-first, or selecting something for someone special, our goal is to help you find jewelry styles you love at the prices you want, along with the information you need to make a smart purchase.

black diamond jewelry

black diamond jewelry

black diamond jewelry

black diamond jewelry

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