The Blaze Halo Setting Makes A Diamond Look Bigger

Flower of Light Diamond Engagement Ring with Knife-edge Bands

Round Brilliant Center Engagement Ring With Blaze Frame

Round Brilliant Center Engagement Ring With Blaze Frame


Most women prefer to have a large diamond for their engagement ring.
Unfortunately, the price of a two carat stone is not only twice as high as a one carat stone; it’s more like eight times more expensive.

What makes a Bez Ambar halo engagement ring setting so unique?
Bez Ambar designed a new square diamond cut the Blaze Cut that blends beautifully with any center stone
and has more fire than any other square stone.
Each Blaze stone is individually cut to match perfectly to the stone next to it.
The final effect is an uninterrupted brilliant light that gives the illusion of a much larger center stone.
For the Blaze unique facet arrangement, Bez Ambar received a design patent,
and you can purchase Blaze cut diamonds only from us or from a Bez Ambar authorized retailers.

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