Divine Cut Diamond

The Most Sparkling Round Diamond Divine cut A Bez Ambar Invention

The Divine Cut® redirects every ray of light to the center of the diamond.
You can see it clearly on the comparison video bellow. If you focus on the central top nine squares facets of the Divine Cut® (the diamond on the right) you will see that "the center of the stone" (the point that all the bottom facets meet) is reflected in each of the central top facets. This effect improves the color appearance of the diamond and adds fire, brilliance and scintillation.

Those who have seen Bez Ambar’s Blaze® diamonds have an appreciation for the amazing display of spectral colors he has coaxed from square diamonds…a dramatic difference from the princess cut diamond, which he also invented.
His vision has been to translate the beauty and fire of the Blaze into a round shape—and in doing so transform the round diamond into an even more powerful gemstone. After many calculations, computer models and lots of practice, a new diamond is born—The Divine Cut®
The Divine Cut is a dramatic departure from the way round, brilliant cut diamonds look. The comparison of the Divine cut to conventional diamonds shows a huge difference that is clearly visible to everyone who sees it. This new cut is patented due to its uniqueness and originality.


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