Chocolate Brown Diamond Rings

A chocolate brown diamond ring by Bez Ambar

If you love brown diamonds, you might be considering buying chocolate brown diamond rings. If this is the case, this post will help you to learn about brown diamonds.

Brown Diamonds History

Brown diamonds are the most common color variety of natural diamonds. In most mines, brown diamonds account for 15% of production. In 1986, massive amounts of brown diamonds were brought to the market. Rio Tinto opened the Argyle mine in Australia, which 80% of the diamonds mined were brown in color. At that time, due to their abundance, and reduced glimmer brown diamonds did not have much value. However, improved marketing programs, especially in Australia and the United States, have resulted in brown diamonds becoming valued as gemstones.

chocolate brown diamond rings

Since brown diamonds come in different shades, many companies have re-branded and created alternate names for them to make the diamonds sound more appealing. Names including champagne, amber, cognac, coffee, caramel have more recently appeared on the market.
Brown diamonds are natural, but they can be enhanced with specific treatments to improve their visual characteristics. When you go to purchase colored diamonds you need to be cautious. Make sure they are buying natural not treated diamonds.

Now that we established some facts about brown diamonds let’s look at the chocolate brown diamond rings.


When you compare the price of same size brown diamond with white colorless diamonds you’d easily see that for the mere price of a one carat F VS2 diamond you can get two one carat brown diamonds. A one carat brown diamond starts from around $2,500, and an F VS2 costs approximately $4,000. While you probably don’t have what to do with two rings, having an extra $1,500 in the bank account is always welcomed. Off course this price difference is only relevant if you like brown diamonds.
The most important attributes that determine the price of brown diamonds or any other colored diamonds for that matter is their rarity and the beauty of their color. The stronger the colors hue and intensity, the higher it’s price.

chocolate brown diamond rings

Chocolate Brown Diamond Wedding Set

I have seen some unique engagement and wedding rings with brown diamonds and couples do purchase them. Now that you are familiar with some relevant facts related to brown diamonds, we can understand why would you prefer to buy brown diamonds engagement and wedding rings.
You will choose them if:

Chocolate Brown Rings by Bez Ambar
  • You are in love with their color.

  • You prefer a ring that is out of the mold, out of the ordinary.

  • Brown color has a special emotional value for you. It tells a personal story.

  • You are not concerned about the selling value of the ring. Brown diamond engagement rings are a trend. they come and go. When no longer popular their selling value decreases for lack of demand.

  • You are concerned about the cost and like to get a big stone.

Chocolate Brown Diamond Rings

I would like to talk a little about Chocolate diamonds so you can understand what is behind this name before they decide to purchase them. The term “Chocolate diamond” is a registered trademark belonging to jewellery company and are heavily promoted by the company.
The company claims that it is a brand of natural fancy color diamonds that are chosen for their rarity and chocolate flavor.
I think that this claim is misleading the consumer. If you read this post, you know that “chocolate” diamonds are just brown diamonds. And brown diamonds are the most common kind of diamonds. They are found in high percentages in mines.

At Bez Ambar, we pride ourselves on our exceptional designs, our quality, and give you all of this at the best possible price; without the unnecessary branding mark-ups.
To see more of our engagement ring designs for brown diamonds, click on the link below.

Engagement Rings for Chocolate Brown Diamonds

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