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Exquisite beauty, unsurpassed quality, stunning options and unparalleled innovation are standard to every designer engagement ring made by Bez Ambar for clientele in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee.


The success of their family designer jewelry business is a direct result of their commitment to innovation and excellence, always choosing quality over mass production.



Welcome Tennessee Residents!

Thirty years ago, Bez Ambar had the foresight to realize that naturally exquisite diamonds could be greatly enhanced with a varied diamond cutting process. Since the inception of Bez Ambar Inc, formerly Ambar Diamonds, Bez Ambar has pioneered a multitude of notable inventions and patented technologies, including the revered Princess Cut Diamond and exclusive Blaze Cut Diamond outlined in the video below.


A unique individual and master craftsman, Bez draws on his rare artistic ability, extensive diamond and jewelry manufacturing experience, ensuring the diamonds and jewelry you purchase from Bez Ambar Inc will have the most brilliance any can achieve. In order to satisfy the requests of his clientele, Bez Ambar stocks thousands of premier quality diamonds and gemstones in every carat size.


Their educated and driven consultants will match you with the perfect diamond or piece of jewelry. Experience as a custom jewelry manufacturer enables the entire team at Bez Ambar to work with the smallest and largest jewelry budget allocations. Regardless if it is a piece for yourself or gift to someone important in your life, they will help you confidently across every step of the way. Scroll down for videos and a direct contact form!

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The Ultimate Diamond Cut

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