Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands – Buying Online or In-Store ?

Engagement rings and wedding bands online shopping vs in store shopping Bez Ambar blog

Shopping Online or In-Store


most consumers are faced with one key question before making a purchase: Should I buy online or in person?

It’s no secret that e-commerce is the wave of the future.

The percentage of online shopping is rising consistently. Millions of people, especially millennial, shop every day sitting in the comfort of their home or office.


How do they decide where to shop?


Studies show that the concerns people have before they choose to shop online or go visit a physical store are:

Time, Risks and Service


Buying an engagement ring is an important, and hopefully one-time, event that is expensive and emotional.


To decide which option works best, let’s check the three identified areas of concern:



Online shopping is the winner in this category. Stores are open 24/7 you can shop at any time from wherever you are, and you never have to wait in line.



You can browse the internet, do research, compare prices, read reviews and check the trustworthiness of both physical retailers and e-commerce stores



When you go shopping you want to get a great buying experience.You want it to be tailored to your personal wants and needs.

You want to be able to get all the information you need and to be treated as a valued customer.


It is true that online stores can not give you physical help but a great online store can give you personalized help and customized buying experience.

In terms of variety, physical stores have a limited array of products.

They can only hold so many items. Online shopping allows you access to an unlimited amount of products.

PriceEngagement rings and wedding bands from online jewelers can cost more than 20 percent less, experts say.

That’s because you’re not paying the extra overhead costs of traditional retailers. Another reason may be that online business owners understand that people are using the internet to compare prices. They tend to cut their profit margin to gain customers.


Seventy-nine percent of shoppers reported instant gratification as a top factor in influencing their decision to shop in the stores versus online. The study found 75 percent of consumers like to touch the items and experience a human connection.This is the one thing that an online store can not give.


The only thing that a physical store can not give the customer is complete privacy.



What about Safty? Regardless where you choose to buy, in order to be safe you need to take these 3 measures:


1. Make sure you can return the ring.


2. Buy only certified diamonds, preferably by the Gemological Institute of America.


3. Make sure to check the Rapaport Price List for the market price. RapNet is the primary source of diamond prices and market information.


You can see that both online and in-store shopping have some advantages and some disadvantages.


My advice to you is that regardless of your decision, do your preliminary research online.

To have a great buying experience, you must get educated.To make an educated decision you have to know all the information.

Get the information from a reputable educational website that will give you facts, not opinions.


When you feel educated enough ask yourself a few questions to clarify your circumstances, needs, and preferences. It will help you make the best choice for you

Some of the questions you need to have answers for are:


1. Is it important to you to see the ring and try it on?


2. Do you want a ready made ring or do you want a customized ring?


3. How much time do you have?


4. Do you have a specific designer that you love?


5. Do you want to buy the center stone and the mounting together, or separately?


6. Do you want to be involved in the creative process of the design?


7. How will your loved one feel if you shopped online?


8. How important is it for you to get the best possible value for your money?


9. How important is it for you to have a personal relationship with the retailer?


Did you answer all the questions? do you feel ready to make the decision?


As you can see there is not much of a difference between shopping online or in-store. The answer to the question what is a better choice is not obsolete. It depends on your specific circumstances, needs, and personal preferences.


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If you choose to buy designer engagement rings and wedding bands, check artist/jewelry designer Bez Ambar. You will have the choice to buy from one of his authorized retailers or directly from the designer. You can visit a retailer near you and ask to see the ring of your choice. If the retailer does not have what you are looking for in-store, Bez Ambar will ship it to the store.

If there is no Bez Ambar retailer near you, contact Bez Ambar directly and they will provide you with a customized buying experience tailored especially for your needs.
The use of technological advances minimizes distances. Bez will send you hand drawings, CAD files, videos, and will talk to you face to face online. If you need to see the ring before it is finished he will send it at any time during the production process for your approval.


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