Engagement Rings for Women: Heirloom or New?

Double Halo Engagement Ring -Pink Sapphire Flame of Love

Engagement rings for women is one of the most lucrative and consistent sources of  income for jewelry retailers. Over the last few years  many  young people are turning to heirlooms for more affordable, often more meaningful, alternatives to new diamonds and wedding bands. Family members often pass down these sentimental possessions willingly and freely.

There are good reasons that more young couples prefer to turn to the family jewel box.
According to a recent report at younginvincibles.org
millennial net wealth is half as much as Baby Boomers when they were young adults; wages have also declined 20 percent for today’s young workers.

Millennials have higher levels of student-loan debt, poverty and unemployment than the two previous generations had at the same stage of their lives. (pewsocialtrends.org) Last but not least, for some couples the idea of a groom’s being required to spend an arbitrary amount on a ring is viewed as archaic, if not outright anti-feminist.

Heirloom or New Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Rings for Women

All this in mind, some couples are determined to purchase a new ring despite of the above mentioned reasons. How can you decide which route to choose? I will try to help you decide by pointing out a few things to consider.

Heirloom or New Vintage Olive Branch Engagement Rings for Women

Go For an Heirloom Engagement Ring If:

  • You are connected to the family stories and history and you love the idea of passing the tradition of the ring on by wearing it yourself—and maybe passing it onto your own children one day.

  • You Love Vintage Jewelry

  • If you want to save money on your anniversary ring and use the money for something else

  • You love the fact that your ring has been through one love story and is continuing onto your own love story

Go For a New Engagement Ring If:

  • You resent the idea of giving up the freedom of choosing exactly the ring you want. Instead you feel like you are being forced into wearing someone else’s ring.

  • You have always dreamed about having a new ring and you have a specific design that you love.

  • You absolutely hate the heirloom ring.

  • You know that you will change the heirloom ring to something else.

  • You want a ring with a feature that is totally unique and special. For example a ring that has a unique feature such as a patented stone cut like The Blaze Cut that you can only get in a Bez Ambar (link) design or a custom design that created a ring inspired by your own personal love story

Ring of Fire Engagement Rings for Women

Bez Ambar specializes in creating new heirloom quality engagement rings for women and restoring and modifying existing heirloom jewellery. If you are interested in beautiful custom engagement rings or just want to check out your options, click on the link below to contact us.

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