Best Halo Ring Setting To Make Your Ring Look Bigger

What is a Halo Ring Setting

When couples shop for an engagement ring, it can be a struggle to find a good size good quality diamond while staying within their budget. Why is that so? Unfortunately, the price of a two carat stone is not only twice as high as a one carat stone; it’s more like eight times more expensive.


Pave’ Halo Engagement Ring Setting

One way to solve this problem is to make a center stone look larger than it is without the costs involved in actually splashing out on a larger stone. Most people are familiar with Pavé or halo engagement ring setting. These are designs in which a frame of smaller round diamonds (melees stones) are placed around the center stone held by very small prongs. The small diamonds are reflective and when they are “packed” closely together, it creates an appearance which gives the illusion of a single large stone.


Compare Pave’ Halo Ring Setting with Blaze Halo Ring Setting

Bez Ambar Blaze Halo Ring Setting

Halo Ring Setting

Bez Ambar Pave’ Halo Ring Setting

Halo Ring Setting

Blaze Halo Engagement Ring Setting

Bez Ambar designed a new square diamond BLAZE. Square stones, as opposed to round diamonds, can be set one next to the other without leaving any gaps, therefore, creating a final effect of an uninterrupted brilliance that gives the illusion of a much larger center stone. Each Blaze stone is individually cut to fit the stone next to it, and to match the shape of the center stone. It becomes extremely hard to differentiate the center diamond from the halo surrounding it unless you come very close to the ring.
Due to the unique facet arrangement of the Blaze, Bez Ambar received a design patent for it.  You can purchase Blaze cut diamonds only from us or from a Bez Ambar authorized retailer.


Compare Pave’ Halo and Blaze Halo Engagement Rings.
Which One Makes The Diamond Look Bigger?

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