The Secret Behind Ring Sizing


Your wedding rings are the most important jewelry you’ll ever have. They stand for your commitment and your love and your future. You don’t want to toss your ring in the trash and order a new one every time your finger size changes.

Sizable and Unsizeable metals

Gold is a soft metal. Therefore, it is the easiest metal to size. Ring sizing Platinum is harder because it is a harder metal. Titanium and Tungsten Wedding Bands are affordable but impossible to solder or size. They are very hard metals. However, Tungsten is one of the hardest material in existence. Titanium is more scratch and cracks resistant than Tungsten rings which can crack or shatter if struck against a hard enough surface.

A Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Sizing

1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Sizing

Men’s Wedding Band with Black Pave’ Diamonds Ring Sizing

The Ring Sizing Process

Most people will need a ring sizing at one point or another. Those who buy a custom ring and don’t measure their size correctly will need to come back for sizing immediately after they receive the finished ring. Others will come back in the future when their finger changes size for one reason or another. The process of sizing up or down is the same. To size a ring the jeweler will cut the ring’s shank. Most jewelers will pull apart the two sides of the ring, adding a bridge by soldering the added metal. However, when you solder, the solder metal needs to be softer than the ring metal to keep the ring from melting. Because of that, a thin line will be noticeable after the ring is polished.

A master jeweler knows this and uses only metal to size the ring.

ring sizing

Ring Sizing

When the ring is all metal, sizing it is easy. Diamond rings are easier to size if the diamonds are set only half or three quarter around. Eternity bands or rings are harder to size. The jeweler has to be extra cautious not to damage the diamonds.

Cost of Ring Sizing

Ring sizing is usually done in one day, and the customer will be charged for the work. The cost will be higher when the shank is set with diamonds all around. The cost will depend on the amount of metal added and the difficulty of the job.

A Few Words of Caution

I strongly recommend that you take your ring to the same store you bought the ring from for sizing. Insist that they send the ring to the manufacture and not give it to their jeweler to size.
You would be surprised how many rings we get that need to be resized after a store jeweler sized them.The manufacturer will make sure that it is done correctly and will make sure that the diamonds are tight and no stones are broken.

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